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FREE Custom Magnet from Your Pet or Family Photos ($8.99 reg)

custom magnet

Here’s a great new freebie from Shutterfly! Use you favorite Facebook, Instagram or other digital photos to create a completely customized magnet for FREE! You get to choose from one of the many design styles and sizes (glass magnets are excluded).

I turned a photo of Daisy into a calendar magnet for the fridge!

daisy magnet

Or make an Emergency Contacts Magnet for the Sitter or Dog Walker!

contacts magnet

Or use your very favorite pet, baby, family or vacation photo on its own!

dog magnet

Go HERE to order your free magnet and be sure to use Shutterfly promo code MAGNETIZE at checkout. As you can see from my order confirmation, the magnet is free, and you only pay $3.99 for shipping. In some states (like mine) you’ll pay tax on the shipping so my order came out to a total of $4.23 which is a savings of $8.99. Deal works for both new and existing customers.

free magnet order

Visit to get started. Offer expires 10/8 (11:59pm PT).


Nutrisystem Update Week 33: One Week Left + Some Exciting News!

WOW! So hard to believe that we’re heading into our final week on the Nutrisystem program! If you’re just joining us, the hubby and I have been losing weight together with Nutrisystem. Each week, we post a new update and share tips, info about our experiences, let you know about the program, and tell you how much we’ve lost so far.

win nutrisystem

Just a reminder that we’re celebrating our Nutrisystem success with a giveaway and it’s your LAST week to enter! WIN a 5-Day Nutrisystem Meal Kit and help jump start your own weight loss (ends 6/9)!!!

Knowing that we are wrapping up our time with Nutrisystem, the hubby and I really pushed extra hard last week and he’s got some super exciting news. He has reached the weight loss goal he set back in October when we started our journey! Not only that, but when we did our weekly weigh-in yesterday morning, he was actually BELOW his goal weight of 190…weighing in at 189.6 lbs, meaning he’s lost a total of 60.4 pounds!

I think I mentioned that Woof Woof Papa has started training for his first marathon, and this is due in no small part to the weight loss he’s been able to achieve thanks to Nutrisystem getting us back on the right path when it comes to portion control and logging what we eat.

I also have a reason to celebrate. Although I haven’t quite reached my goal weight yet, I dropped 3.8 pounds since last week’s weigh-in for a total of 37.8 lbs lost so far. That means I’m only 6.2 lbs away from my goal of 145. I think I’m within a few weeks of reaching it, and I’m going to do my best to do it by the end of June no matter what!

If you missed any of our previous Nutrisystem posts, just visit the links in the table below or click here to catch up! We’d love to hear about your own weight loss experiences, advice and challenges, so leave a comment and share some with us. We’re also happy to answer questions, so ask away!

See below for the full breakdown of our weekly weight loss for Weeks 1-33:

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Nutrisystem Update Week 32: WIN a 5-Day Weight Loss Kit!

If you’re just joining us, the hubby and I have been losing weight together on the Nutrisystem program. Each week, we post a new update and share tips,  info about our experiences, let you know about the program, and tell you how much we’ve lost so far. Since we’re just about at the end of our time on Nutrisystem, and we’ve LOVED it so much, we’ve arranged a giveaway and one lucky reader will WIN their own 5-Day Nutrisystem Meal Kit to jump start your own weight loss!

nutrisystem 5 day kit

Over the past 7 months, the hubby and I have stuck to the program and are so happy with our results. We both still have a bit of weight to lose to meet our personal goals but so far I’ve lost a total of 34 pounds and the hubby has lost an amazing 58 pounds! You can check out last week’s update to view the chart showing how much we’ve lost each week so far!

You can jump start your journey to weight loss with the Nutrisystem 5-Day Weight Loss Kit featuring popular, perfectly portioned breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts available at a Walmart near you. Just add fresh grocery additions for the best balance, and say bye-bye to that unwanted weight and hello to a new you! You can go here to learn more and snag a $5 OFF coupon, too!

Win a Nutrisystem 5-Day Weight Loss Kit

This giveaway runs thru June 9, 2013, is open to US residents age 18+ and uses the Rafflecopter Widget for FAST & EASY ENTRY! There are many OPTIONAL entry methods to give you additional chances to win, but just choose the ones you want. Email addresses and other info are only used to verify and contact the winner. Rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone. All entry methods are subject to verification. Please make sure you provide all required information or your entries won’t count!
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Nutrisystem Update Week 31: Meal Measure Portion Control Tool

We’re adding a great new portion control tool to our weight loss routine! If you’re just joining us, the hubby and I have been losing weight together on the Nutrisystem program. Each week, we post a new update and share tips,  info about our experiences, let you know about the program, and tell you how much we’ve lost so far.

meal measure portion control diet tool

Easy Portion Control Tool for Weight Loss and Maintenance

As I mentioned in last week’s weight loss update, we’re preparing to transition from doing all Nutrisystem meals, to doing our own cooking at home. In addition to the great Nutrisystem Cookbook we told you about, we’re ready to test out the Nutrisystem Meal Measure. It’s an easy to use portion control tool that fits right on your dinner plate and helps dieters learn what a proper portion looks like for each meal.

With individual spaces for protein, starch, fruit and vegetables, the Meal Measure is almost a no-brainer to use…just fill to the line in each cavity (half cup line on the inside or full cup at the top) and then lift the Meal Measure to enjoy your perfectly portioned meal at home!

We’ve had such a busy week that we relied on our pre-portioned Nutrisystem meals just about every day but are hoping to sit down, get organized and plan out some meals we can cook for ourselves soon. That really is one of the biggest challenges and why the Nutrisystem program works so well for us…knowing it’s in the cupboards and freezer and that we can just grab what we want without thinking about it when it’s time to eat. Our challenge now is to use the new tools to plan and make our own meals rather than always rely on the packaged meals we’ve grown so accustomed to!

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The Omni Diet: New Book and Program for Weight Loss, Health and Well-Being

As you may already know, the hubby and I have been losing weight and getting healthier together. We’ve been on the Nutrisystem program for the past 30 weeks and it’s been great! You can read our weekly weight loss updates for more info on that. Since our time on the plan is coming to an end soon, I’ve been doing loads of research and reading about different types of eating plans and diets, since we won’t be receiving packaged food anymore and want to stay on track with our progress so far. We also want to start learning more about eating the right kinds of foods for overall health. It turned out to be perfect timing when I received a review copy of the new book, The Omni Diet by Tana Amen.

the omni diet book

You may have seen The Omni Diet on The Today Show or other talk show recently…that’s how I first heard about it. The book and program are based on a formula of 70% plants including fruits and veggies, and 30% protein from lean meat sources and nuts. There’s no dairy, sugars, processed foods or grains permitted. The goal of the program is to help you lose weight, reverse disease and fight inflammation.

The author is a registered nurse and designed this plan based on her own health issues and experiences with chronic conditions including thyroid cancer and severe digestive issues. Her diet is based on the concept of eating real foods with lots of flavor and is NOT a deprivation diet. The focus is on eating calorie-burning proteins and illness-fighting plant-based foods rather than on calorie restriction like some diets.

The plan itself is easy to follow, although some of the recipes have a lot of ingredients…that’s just a personal observation from someone who gets easily overwhelmed by too many choices and ingredients, but the concept and overall program makes sense. It’s more of an overall well-being plan than a traditional diet book and some of the goals of the program include:

  • Decrease inflammation
  • Optimize brain function
  • Eat high-quality, nutrient-dense calories
  • Decrease feelings of hunger and deprivation
  • Balance hormones and break food addictions
  • Increase energy and overall well-being

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Nutrisystem Update Week 30: Cooking At Home + Getting Close To Our Goals!

We’re cooking with Nutrisystem! If you’re just joining us, the hubby and I have been losing weight together on the Nutrisystem program. Each week, we post a new update and share tips,  info about our experiences, let you know about the program, and tell you how much we’ve lost so far.

cooking nutrisystem

Cooking at Home with Nutrisystem

After 30 weeks on Nutrisystem we’re headed into our final month with the program. I’m sad already, and a little stressed about how we’re going to manage without having everything pre-made and pre-measured for us, but the awesome folks over at Nutrisystem have got us covered! They’ve got a great cookbook filled with recipes, ideas and helpful tips on how to cook at home. It’s designed especially for Nutrisystem members who are making the transition from program meals to cooking for themselves again, but it’s got healthy recipes that everyone can enjoy!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be alternating between the Nutrisystem packaged meals, and some tasty new meals from the cookbook that we’ll cook for ourselves as we begin to transition off the program. We’ve already gone through and bookmarked a bunch of yummy looking ideas including Vietnamese Beef Soup, Smoked Salmon and Dill with Pasta Salad, and several breakfast and dessert recipes. Each recipe looks super easy to follow, and lists everything we need to know to stay on track, including Calories, and the Nutrisystem Equivalent. For example, the beef soup is 260 calories and counts as 1 Nutrisystem Lunch Enter + 1 PowerFuel. We’re just getting started with our grocery list and organizing our schedule, so stay tuned!

We’re Getting Close to Our Weight Loss Goals!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was setting some new mini goals for myself including pushing myself a bit more with the exercise. I’m still doing my daily walks with Daisy but have added in some extra days of cardio using my favorite Zumba Workout DVDs and also the Walking Cardio Shape Up Max exercise video from trainer Chris Freytag. I used to do them quite frequently but the extra weight I was carrying made it really hard on my knees so I’d stopped for a while. As with most things, I’m finding these workouts to be easier now that I’m a bit lighter.  And it looks like bumping up the cardio is starting to pay off. This week’s weigh in was a great one…I’ve lost 2.2 pounds for a total of 34 pounds lost so far! I’m now EXACTLY 10 pounds from my goal…YAY!

The hubby has been running and started increasing his distance and speed using a cool phone app called Runkeeper, and is even thinking about training for his first Half Marathon! He’s lost another 2.4 pounds this week…that means he’s less than 3 pounds away from reaching his goal! I’m jealous he’ll get there first but I know I’m not far behind and will get there eventually!

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