Have a Happy and Mobile Halloween with Blurb Photo App!

Are you ready for a mobile Halloween this year? As much as Halloween is supposed to be about “scary,” in reality, it’s a lot about “cute.” It’s about kids AND fur kids in costume, creative pumpkin art, and way too much sugar for everyone involved. Halloween is a holiday of sights and sounds. It’s also about Instagram and TwitPics!

You’ll be taking photos and video that you’ll want to share that very night, but also keep forever. And, since you’ll likely be busy greeting trick-or-treaters, putting on costumes, and rationing candy, you need an easy way to capture the night’s events. That’s where Blurb mobile comes in.

Blurb mobile is an app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you create sharable online stories—and turn those stories into beautiful 7×7 inch books. What’s a story exactly? Well, in the Blurb mobile world, it’s a sequence of photos and other media you capture on your phone. It can tell a very literal story—with beginning, middle, and end—or it can be a collection of photos.

Just take photos and video with the app, or import them from your camera roll (including those saved Instagram photos on your phone). You can add captions to your photos too. You can even record your little monsters saying “trick or treat,” and attach the audio track to your photo.

Want a printed version of your story? Of course you do. Blurb’s Small Square books start at $12.99 for a 20-page softcover, and shipping is just $3.99. So, whether you lean toward the scary or the cute or some awesome combination of the two—share your stories on Halloween night on your favorite social media sites with Blurb mobile. And then in a few weeks, get a beautifully bound photo book that you can look at for many Halloweens to come.

Have a happy and mobile Halloween!

Worry Less, Play More: Save on BarkBox AND Get One Month FREE BarkCare!

Regular readers already know that Daisy & I are super big fans of BarkBox, the monthly mystery box subscription of goodies, toys & treats for dogs. Well, the folks over at their parent company, Bark & Co have been busy putting together an amazing new service for dogs and their humans.

It’s BarkCare, a subscription-based service with BarkCare vets available to chat via phone, email, or video 24/7 so you can receive veterinary assistance right from the couch–or anywhere you have an internet connection.

free barkcare w/ barkbox promo code

Since the motto at BarkCare is Worry Less, Play More, we’ve got a sweet deal to help you do just that! You’ll get $5 OFF any BarkBox plan PLUS a FREE Month of BarkCare ($32 value). 

That’s a total savings of $37! Here’s how:

  • Go here to choose your dog size and choose your plan (monthly, 3 month or 6 month)
  • Use BarkBox Promo Code WMBC5J2P when you order in October
  • You’ll see $5.00 deducted and can then add your shipping address and billing info
  • Shipping is FREE and BarkBoxes are shipped on the 15th of each month
  • A few weeks later, you’ll get a “Welcome to BarkCare” email to activate your FREE month of BarkCare for November

If you’ve been wanting to try BarkBox, this is a GREAT offer because unlike past promotions, you can use the $5 discount on the monthly plan. That means you’ll pay just $24 ($29 reg) for your first BarkBox with free shipping AND the FREE month of BarkCare! Just be sure to cancel in time to avoid being billed for future months. Or, for an even better value in the long run, use the promo code on the 3-month or 6-month plans which are already greatly discounted and include free shipping. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll get a FREE month of BarkCare in November when you BarkBox order in October and use the coupon code WMBC5J2P.

Read on to learn more about BarkBox and BarkCare…

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Find Doctors, Hospitals, Reviews & More with Free Healthgrades App

I’m participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Healthgrades. I received a promotional item as a thank you for my participation.

healthgrades app

When we moved to Florida several years ago, we were completely new to the area. We didn’t know many people, so we went through a lot of trial and error at first finding new grocery stores, car repair, hair stylists…even doctors. I sure wish we’d known then about Healthgrades, the leading website for information on hospitals and physicians!

Healthgrades has a free app for iPhone that lets you research and locate specialists, family doctors, dentists and more. You can compare hospitals, save and share info from friends, and set appointment reminders to help you better manage your family’s health care needs.

After finally finding a doctor we love and going to her for quite some time, she’s relocating, so I’ll be using Healthgrades to research and choose a new primary care physician. It’s got a feature to help you to find doctors based on insurance coverage, which is super handy! And I love that you can get access to over a million consumer reviews from patients. Great to get real opinions from real people!

Even if you are already happy with your current physician, this app would be really helpful if you and your family travel. You never know when you might need to locate a doctor while on vacation or traveling for work!

Be sure to download and try the free Healthgrades app to use for your family.

Free Online Chore Chart from My Job Chart – Great for Families with Pets!

free chore chart for kids

Parents and grandparents, here’s a cool new FREE Online Chore Chart that helps motivate your kids and earns them rewards that they can save, donate to charity, or spend on toys! In families with pets, this can really come in handy to help get kids stay committed to feeding and walking the dog or cleaning the litter box, etc. but it can be used for any type of chore or task you can think of!

assign chores

  • My Job Chart makes it easy for parents to assign chores and more motivating and meaningful for children to fulfill them.
  • My Job Chart facilitates fun, engaging, hands-on learning for kids on the ABCs of prosperity including saving, sharing and spending.
  • My Job Chart gives parents the satisfaction of seeing their kids gain the foundation skills of a strong work ethic and financial responsibility.

It’s free, and they’ve got an app for just about every type of device you and your kids use! Go HERE to learn more about My Job Chart and get started!

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2: Stream Great Sounding Wireless Audio from Your Favorite App and Device

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 to facilitate my revew.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2

Daisy and I have been busy testing out the cool new Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2. It’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker packed with features but super easy to use with just about any device you own, whether it’s Apple, Android or Windows. It comes with a simple setup guide about the size of a large postcard but I didn’t even need it. I took our new speaker straight out of the box, plugged in the power cord, and paired it immediately with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. It was as easy as using a Bluetooth hands-free device and in less than 3 minutes we had rich sounding audio…no cables or docking required!

The first thing I did was experiment with switching between all my favorite music apps as well as test out how easy it would be to switch between devices. On my phone, I usually use Pandora so we played around with that one first.  Since the Soundfreaq is wireless, and designed to work with just about any phone, tablet or PC out there, your smartphone or other Bluetooth device becomes the remote control. I love this because we’ve already got way too many remote controls to keep up with! And not having to dock my device on the system itself means I always have my phone with me. I can be working in the kitchen and still be totally in control of the music selection and sound level playing in the other room.

controlling the speaker from the kitchen

It works just as well with my iPad which is great because that’s my favorite way to access my iTunes library and also to watch movies on Netflix. And it’s also got an FM radio with fantastic reception…even better sounding than the satellite radio we used to have!

ipad and radio

Since docking is not required, there are no compatibility issues. I love this because I think we’re all pretty sick of getting a great new device only to discover that our current accessories are now outdated and need to be replaced. If you do happen to have an older device that isn’t Bluetooth compatible, there is an AUX IN jack to connect any device with headphone or line out jack.

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Recipes For What’s On Sale This Week: Save Time And Money

I received an invitation to help spread the word about a brand new app launching soon! It’s called ShopPerk and it helps you plan meals while saving time and lets you create shopping lists by showing you recipes based on what’s on sale each week.

recipes for what's on sale this week

Use ShopPerk to compare stores in your area to find the best selection and the biggest savings. Find recipes and ideas that leave you more time, more money and more energy to spend on what you truly love.

shopperk app

The more you use ShopPerk, the smarter it gets, making each trip to the store easier and more rewarding.  Signup here to request an early invite for yourself!

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