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Daisy smile

When we adopted Daisy she was an abandoned shelter pup so we don’t know anything about what her previous life was like, but what I DO know is that the day you adopt a pet is the day your life changes for the better in SO many ways! You think you are changing their life, but in reality THEY are changing yours.

You’ve probably seen the photo of Daisy and me on my blog, Facebook page or Twitter profile, but you might not realize that it is especially significant to me because it’s a photo that my hubby took of us the very first time I held Daisy at the shelter before we adopted her! She’s been my office mate and constant companion ever since, and a big part of how I came to be called Woof Woof Mama. I really do consider myself to be Daisy’s mom and know many other pet parents feel the same way about their fur kids, too!

Mama & Daisy on Adoption Day!

 In addition to the obvious benefits of love and companionship, having a pet also offers an excellent opportunity to meet other pet parents! Through visits to our local dog parks, and crossing paths with other people walking their dogs on similar schedules to ours, we’ve made some great pet pals and gotten to know several of our neighbors. Not only is it fun for Daisy to have regular play dates, but humans get to enjoy socializing and feeling a sense of community as well! Here’s Daisy with her good pals Fin and Stella on a recent outing to the local Dog Beach:

Daisy Fin Stella Lake Play Date

Daisy has added so much love and life to our family that I’m super-excited to let you know about a new nonprofit PSA campaign called Pets Add Life (PAL), designed by the American Pet Products Association to help spread the word about the awesome benefits and importance of having pets in our lives.

Over the next weeks and months I’ll be bringing you news and sharing more updates about the PAL campaign including some exciting new Youtube Videos! You can help me get the word out about this important message by using the Share the Love buttons at the bottom of this post to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

PAL Pets Add Life

Do you have a photo of how your pet adds life? You can ‘LIKE’ Pets Add Life on Facebook and post a picture of  YOUR cute PAL there…and connect with other pet parents! Several other pet bloggers are also participating in PAL, and you can follow us all by searching the hashtag #petsaddlife on Twitter.

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.


  1. I just loved this post.  It reminded me of my beautiful Georgie…she was a great dog!  She was a Yellow Lab too!  

  2. Our pup is a shelter dog and he is great! He is loving and caring and loves to bite your butt while you run! 

  3. What a beautiful dog! We don’t have a dog anymore unfortunately (just two cats and some fish). I always had a dog growing up though.

  4. I cannot live without pets! Even when I was deployed to Afghanistan I had a kitten I ‘adopted’ at my safehouse. Saying hi from The Flower Hazard!

  5. What sweet pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. We have 3 kitties 🙂

  6. We have a dog and as much as I love him, it’s been even sweeter to see the kids bond with him – they are really like brothers.  It’s super cute!

  7. I used to have dogs before college (they stayed behind with my dad), but now only have cats.  Only one dog we bought, the rest we’d get from the humane society or like our cats – from friends needing to find new homes for them.  <3 my furbabies!

  8. We have 5 boys and with boys come the pets! They are always bringing home stray cats, bugs, worms, birds or anything else they can get their hands on! lol

  9. What a sweet dog!  We only have one dog right now…the other two have passed away.  🙂  Hoping to add to our furry family soon!

  10. i love these photos! we’ll be adopting a cat from a shelter this fall!!

  11. Such a great picture, how could you not take her with those eyes!

    I know its cliche, but owning a dog has completely changed my life for the better! Would recommend one to ANYONE!

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