Win a 3-Month Pawalla Box Subscription ($78 value) for Your Dog or Cat!

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Dog Days of SummerWelcome to the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mom Caboodle, Long Wait for Isabella and Baking Beauty. There are 40+ participating bloggers – each with an individual giveaway and prize worth $25+! After you enter our giveaway, be sure to visit them for more chances to WIN great prizes including a chance to win one of 3 Grand Prize Packages HERE!

Pawalla is a monthly subscription service with natural and holistic foods, treats and toys or other surprises for your dog or cat. All items are full-size products, hand-selected by Pawalla’s own Pet Nutritionist and are sure to please even the pickiest fur kid around! Daisy was recently invited to try Pawalla and loved everything in her first box! You can read our Pawalla review AND Get an Exclusive 20% Off Discount in our recent post.

Daisy checking out her pawalla mystery box of goodies for dogs

One Lucky Reader will WIN a 3-Month Pawalla Subscription for Your Dog or Cat ($78 value)!

This giveaway runs thru August 17, 2012, is open to US residents age 18+ and uses the Rafflecopter Widget for FAST and EASY ENTRY! There are many OPTIONAL entry methods to give you additional chances to win, but just choose the ones you want. Email addresses and other info are only used to verify and contact the winner. Rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone. All entry methods are subject to verification. Please make sure you provide all required information or your entries won’t count!

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  1. Would love to win this for my two pups!

  2. karen andrews says

    Millie would love this. She is a 5 pound mixed breed dog and a ball of fire.

  3. Larrielle says

    I’m entering to win the 3-month Pawalla Box for my 2 year old Shih Tzu Bentley. 

  4. This would be wonderful for entertaining my busy setter puppy!

  5. BTW Dolce is my busy setter puppy’s name.

  6. Alexandra S says

    We have been wanting to try this box! Our dogs, Mochi the Boxer (1), Maya the Boxer mix(7), and Libby the German Shepherd(9) would love more goodies. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Valerie Simko says

    Our newest addition, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup named Cooper would absolutely love this prize! He is going to be 5 months old on Sunday, August 5th.

  8. Amy Orvin says

    For my cats, I have 4. Ryder, Chance, Bubba and Chester. Ryder is 2 years old, Chance is 11 years old, Bubba is 11 and Chester is 2.

  9. This would be for our shih tzu mix dog, Dumpling, who is about 2 years old.

  10. Danielle Murgia says

    The box would be for Sissy who is a dog and she’s 4 years old.  I also have a cat, but she’s very picky and probably would not use some of the things in the box.

  11. olivia rubin says

    For 63 lb chocolate labrador thats female and is 9 

  12. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    The box would be for our dog, Casey. What an awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  13. Ashley R. says

    I have both a dog and cat, dog is 11 months, Sadie and cat is just over 1 year old, Stella 🙂

  14. Sarah Kephart says

    Greetings! If we are fortunate enough to win the Pawalla box it would be for either Romeo-DSH cat whom is 7 years old or Madrona-Wire Haired Ibizan Hound also aprox. 7 years old, Marlon-Belgian Tervuren aprox. 6 years of age and Muse the baby of the group a Briard whom is 18 months old. Muse also thinks every package brought into the home must have something very special in it for her, so I am sure she would love it! She insists on helping me unpack whatever package I bring in from the porch 😉

  15. Kelly Ann T. says

    This would be for Artie and Kouga who are both 80 lb dogs. Kouga is around 6 and Artie is almost 2 years old. Thank you for the chance to win.

  16. Gosh, I can’t believe I’m being asked to choose between my two fur kids! I guess I would pick Sodie Anne, our 21-year-old (yes, in human years) cat. Our 18-month-old terrier mix, Atticus chases her all around and generally just bothers her. I’d love to spoil her with all of this fun stuff!

  17. Dog – Steel – 7 years old.

  18. Steel & Mo would like a dog box for seven and two year olds.

  19. Molimo and Steel are two and seven year old dogs.

  20. I would probably get this for my dog, Titan. He’s a Boston terrier. He’s 1 1/2. He’s feeling a little neglected since we got Libby, a Maine Coon kitten. Seems like the kitty gets everything…lol!

  21. °•ƸӜƷ Louis ƸӜƷ•°* says

    for my kitty Tuna who just turned 1
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  22. I would do this for my two dogs, Zeke and Xander, who are both 11 years old. I have two cats, too, but they are both chunky and on weight control food.

  23. Would love this for my dog Annie, who is a 5 year old beagle.

  24. This would be for my two cats, Smokey and Bandit. They will be 4 in October!

  25. Maverick (7) and Kristy (11) are my 2 springer spaniels
    msboatgal at

  26. Theresa Spaid says

    The prize would be for my 3 dogs – Kota (12) Kita (10) and Shunta (9)

  27. My rescued poodle Maddie loves to get presents in the mail.

  28. Elle Chang says

    I would send to my two pups Alaea and Anohi who live in California with their dad!

  29. Lisa Hackney says

    The prize would be for our Daisy who is a 3 yr old beagle mix… our 3 year old daughter calls her “Daisy Dog” and she is loved by all of us dearly!

  30. Just Coupons says

    I have a cat and dog….. but I think our dog would benefit more from the box.
    Chloe is her name, she’s 5 years old.

  31. Michelle Macaluso says

    This would be for our cats. Lily is 5 years old and Daisy is 1 year old.

  32. amy marantino says

    a dog. Oscar is 11

  33. we have both but we’ll go with the dog box. Nina is an 11yr old female Shiba Inu.

  34. Les Johnson says

    This would be for our dog, Jasmine who is almost 2 🙂

  35. Lindsay Benedek says

    for a DOG!  Her name is Riley & she is 2 🙂

  36. I would love to win this. I’m a 7 yr old Poodle.

  37. Cats – Princess, Zoomie, and whatever foster I happen to have at the time!

  38. I would love to win this for my 5 cats-they’d LOVE it, they’re my kids & anything special I can do for them is wondeful. Great giveaway, Barkerman, Indy, Abe, Blazie & Lillia have their paws crossed! Thank you!

  39. Forgot their ages-all 4 years, I raised them from birth, they were abandoned in the winter in a box by the road. My 3 boys are 20+lbs (main coon mix) & my 2 girls are slightly more svelte 🙂

  40. For Atticus, an 8 year old tabby cat!

  41. Cyndee Thomas says

    This Box for my Dog “Precious” would be a surprise for her to enjoy! She is 4 years old and a rescue that is a member of our family. She is good company for me and my Dad. Thank you for a entry to win this awesome prize.

  42. It would be for our chiweenie dog, Toby. He is 5 years old (and 20lbs).

  43. Pawalla Box Prize would be for a Dog his name Blue & age is 6yrs

  44. Traci Lynn Butler says

    This prize would be for our Dobermans Rasa (8) and Tori (5)

  45. It would be for my rescue dog, Sunny, who is a boxer/beagle mix rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky.  She is almost 2  years old. 

  46. This would be for Romeo Big who is looking for a home in South Florida.

  47. I have 2 dogs.  Mac is a boy that is almost 2 and Eleanor is our little puppy that is 7 months.

  48. Charlotte C. says

    I’d want the Pawella box for my two cats – Bob, who is 5, and Milo who is 4 🙂

  49. My two cats – Treebeard (1 year) & Grendel (less than 2 months) – would love Pawella!!! Paws and tails crossed!

  50. jodi lasher says

    I would choose the one for cats. Thanks

  51. Several fine felines would share the cat prize, but The Cat Bandit (age unknown, probably 6ish) would get the largest share.

  52. Brittany Poole says

    My fur baby is a doggy, her name is Zoey. She will be one in a few months.

  53. Gale Nelson says

    I have a dog and his name is Dakota and he is 5 years old

  54. Barbara Blanton says

    It would be for my dog Lucky he is 6years old!

  55. Since I have 2 cats, I would get it for my cats. They are Whiskers and Missy.

    I have a dog, too. Her name is Sunny.

  56. Michelle Spayde says

    I would choose the cat option!  Simon, Andybelle, & Oliver would love getting a surprise!

  57. Kasee Johnson says

    I would get it for our two cats to share. Magnum and Triton and they are 8 years old. 

  58. the box is for the the king my dog he love to open gift and then he love goodie just for him and then i blog on it all over the net

    desi the blonde at

  59. My boyfriend and I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. This prize pack would be for “his” cat, since she’s the spoiled princess. Trust me, that’s not my fault! Her name is Jezebel and she’s 5 years old. 🙂

  60. linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    For 2 dogs Cinnamon and Sugar. Both are rescues and both are about 6

  61. Kimberly B. says

    Mine would be for my dog Tika. She is about 6 years old.

  62. My dog. I have 3 Sasha is 4 Sawyer is 5 .. and we’re getting a new one in about 3 weeks when it’s old enough to be away from his momma

  63. Debra L. Guillen says

    My cat, Kitt-Katt who is 2 years old

  64. alyce poalillo says

    I would want a cat box for Cheddar(14) and Sadie(6)

  65. Kathy Ross says

    It would be for my wonderful 3 yr. old Border Collie, Sam. He would love it!

  66. Judy Gregory says

    deep, deep, breathe. yipper, little bear, baby, ducky, punkin, precious, carlie, and pookie are pomeranians ranging in age from 8 years to 10 months. beepbeep is a 9 year old chihuahua. marty is a big old yellow yard dog rescued from the walmart parking lot. BTW ducky is 3 days preggers by way of pookie. poor pookie. 3 spayed females, six active breeders and one stud. pookie has a hard life. right now three of them are on my day bed beside me, 5 are asleep on various blankies on my bedroom floor, duckie is off sulking and the yard dog is chewing on roadkill she dragged up in the yard.

  67. Sarah Harding says

    this would be for our cat DiddyKitty

  68. JODI BRADSHAW says

    i have 2 dogs – peach and luigi. peach is 6 and luigi is 7 maybe

  69. I’d like it for my cat, but I was thinking it would be a great/special surprise for my parents dog… we’ll see 🙂

  70. My Pawalla box would be for dogs! I have two, a 2 year old Yorkie and a 10 year old Mini Schnauzer. Armani and Libby (Liberty)

    Thank you!

  71. Wendy Pogrant says

    sadie mae is a 4 month kitten

  72. if i won the boxes would be for a beagle that is 4 years old!

  73. It would be for my 2 year old Chihuahua, Peanut.

  74. Christina Schmidt says

    I would love the dog box. My Little 3 yr old pug/Pekingese mix Renesmee just loves goodies 🙂

  75. Ours would be for a dog. We have two dogs so I’d have them share. 

  76. Victoria Russell says

    This is the coolest thing! I’d get a Pawalla Box for a dog! I have 2 Boston Terriers – Neville and Lucy, 6 and 3! 🙂 They’d love it!

  77. My cat named Bowser. He’ll be three next month!

  78. Susan Smith says

    This would be for my dog

  79. I have a dog. His name is Nugget, and he is 10-1/2. He’s a sweetie.

  80. micheal dale grim says

    it would be for my cat,libby age 8

  81. I have a dog named Buffy. She is an 11 year old Mal-Shi

  82. My two doggies!! Ranger Danger and Jersey Belle! they are 1 1/2 and 5!

  83. This would be for my friend’s new dog Grumpler, she is a terrier mix and is estimated to be a year or two old. My cats are spoiled enough already 🙂

  84. Jenna Parsons says

    It would be for two dogs! A 9-year-old Japanese Chin named Simon, and a 1-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Zelda.

  85. i would get it for a cat cause i have 2 of them and one is about 4 and the other is about 3 i love them so much!:) ones Luxy lou lou and the other is coconut!

  86. Melissa Robinson-arezzi says

    Cat. we don’t have one yet but we are planning on getting a kitten at the next free adoption that our township sets up. We already have the name marshmallow picked out for the cat.

  87. I would like to win this for my 2 dogs, Tino who is 5 and Brodi who is 3.  

  88. Betsy Barnes says

    I would choose this for our dog Sweetness who is 9 years old 🙂

  89. christal c w says

    For my puppy-mollie who is 5 months old

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