Nutrisystem Week 1 Update: Getting Started – Unpacking All The Food! #NSNation

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Nutrisystem Delivery Pantry Items

Last week I shared the exciting news that Daisy’s Papa and I were starting Nutrisystem weight loss program! Over the next 4 months we’ll be giving you weekly updates on our progress, plus letting you know what we learn and like along the way.

Now that we’ve completed the first week, I thought I’d start by giving you an idea of what to expect when you start the program. My first bit of advice is to choose your start day ahead of time. Many people choose to start on a Monday, but I suggest Saturday as the best start day if you work during the week. It gives you time to get organized and learn how things work. It can all seem a little overwhelming at first, but having the weekend as your first few days gives you the chance to figure it all out and get set up with all the great resources and tools available to members!

Nutrisystem box of food

It’s important that once you’ve placed your first order of food, you make room…LOTS of room!!! You won’t believe all the food and desserts you are going to get! We’re doing the Nutrisystem Success Select Program, which means we get a combination of frozen and non-frozen foods with each 28 day shipment. This includes 10 days of fresh-frozen products delivered right to our door plus 18 days of shelf-stable meals and desserts that are designed to be kept in the pantry and cupboards.

Nutrisystem pantry food

That’s just my pantry food…we needed even more room for hubby’s pantry meals and desserts because Men get 2X the number of desserts as on the Women’s Plan. So unfair but he gets to eat more food! Everything is clearly labeled as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert so I organized mine that way. I also taped the packing list on the inside of the cupboard door for an easy reminder of what I have. That way I don’t have to dig through everything to choose what I want!

Nutrisystem freezer food

For frozen food, you will need to clear out a TON of space, especially if two of you are both doing the plan together. You get a shipping case with dry ice per person, so we got 2 like the one pictured above. We have a small freezer and it’s pretty much packed full! Post the packing list from your frozen delivery on the fridge door and check off items as you use them. It’s way easier than digging around in the freezer to figure out what you want and conserves energy, too!

So, now that you’ve seen all this food, you’re probably wondering if we lost any weight this week! I’m pleased to tell you that we DID! At the end of Week #1 on Nutrisystem, we are both really excited about our progress! I lost 4.4 pounds and the hubby lost an amazing 10.8 pounds!

Liz and Garry Week 1Weight Loss

I think a lot of this is the fact that we cut out all the junk and alcohol and that it will be slower going from here as our bodies adjust to our new calorie intake (yes, we’ve cut out ALL the beer, wine and cocktails…at least for now). They say that gradual weight loss is healthier and easier to maintain, but it’s still GREAT to see a big number the first week! Next week I’ll show you some of the online resources and mobile tools Nutrisystem provides and how we are using them to help stay on track!

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  1. Randy Butler says

    Way to go Liz and Garry! That is an incredible weight loss in your first week! I love seeing you photos and reading how you set yourself up to really be organized with it. I’m excited to hear more. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for a real, detailed update!  I JUST got my first box for my wife and I and I’ve only been able to find marketing stuff, not real stuff by real people.  We’ll be right behind you guys.

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