4 Important Halloween Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

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daisy the dog in her ladybug halloween costume

Just like Daisy and her pals, your pets might be planning to join the Halloween festivities today or this evening, but there are a few things you should know. Here are 4 important tips about pet safety for Halloween:

  1. Keep pets indoors or with you at all times: You don’t want to subject your dog or cat to pranksters who might find it amusing to taunt, tease, and even injure pets, especially black cats on Halloween. Keep your pets indoors for the night or on-leash and by your side if they do go out for some trick-or-treating. Many experts suggest you NOT take your dog trick-or-treating at all.
  2. Don’t stress your pets: It might seem cute and fun to dress up your pet for Halloween, but not all dogs or cats are comfortable with this.  Especially with all the extra noise, scary decorations and commotion during this holiday, it’s easy for pets to become stressed out and no one wants that for their fur baby. If your pet doesn’t want to dress up and party, don’t make them. Let them go crawl under the covers or hide in their favorite spot with a good treat and toy.
  3. Keep ID tags and microchip info updated: Some pets are door-dashers and with lots of little ghosts and gobblins ringing your doorbell this evening, you want to be extra careful your pet doesn’t run out! This tip is important year-round; all pets should be micro-chipped, wear ID tags and you should be sure to keep your contact information updated and current.
  4. Be EXTRA cautious about keeping Halloween Candy away from pets: Many common ingredients in candy, especially chocolate, will make pets VERY sick. So use extra caution and store ALL Halloween candy  out of reach from cats and dogs. Make sure your kiddos know the rules, too. Keep the ASPCA 24-Hour Animal Poison Control number handy. It’s 888-426-4435.


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