Nutrisystem Week 6 Update: Thanksgiving Weekend Report #NSNation

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Thanksgiving dinner plate
It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m taking a break from deal-hunting to bring you our Week 6 Nutrisystem update. And speaking of taking a break, Woof Woof Papa and I took a small break to enjoy some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods!

Yep, that’s my actual Thanksgiving Dinner plate…I measured and logged everything but it still looks like SO much food! I skipped the rolls, the pie and a few other favorites and had white meat only, with no skin. I even tried making a low-fat gravy using stock instead of pan drippings (that’s why it looks so light) and made butternut squash instead of candied yams. Since I skipped dessert, I had a couple of cocktails instead so it probably worked out the same! I had that one plate for dinner on Thanksgiving and a tiny bit of leftovers yesterday but that’s it. I decided I would go right back on my program but will allow myself a few more cocktails since it IS a holiday weekend after all!

Woof Woof Papa had been working out hard and losing weight so quickly and easily that I think he got a little overly-confident. He decided to really take a break from dieting and just eat and drink what he wanted on Thursday and Friday. Fortunately, we’d planned it out so we wouldn’t end up with too many leftovers to help minimize the long-term damage. He really enjoyed himself, so I won’t call him out on exactly what or how much he ate or drank but after he weighed in today and saw how much he’d gained, he’s ready to get back on track – enough said.

In the past,  once either of us slipped up and gained some weight, we both just kind of gave up and went back to our old eating habits, so I’m really thankful to be on the Nutrisystem program and have a plan I can rely on!

So, this week I managed to lose .6 pounds. The only explanation I have for this is skipping the seconds and dessert. Was it painful? Yes, but I’m SO relieved…I wasn’t sure I could do it! Hubby says it’s ok to tell you that he gained 5 pounds. EEK! He’s not beating himself up about it since he’d been losing weight so quickly and is getting right back on track with the food and exercise, so if he’s not worried about it then I guess neither am I!

After 6 weeks, I’ve lost a total of 13.2 pounds and even with his minor setback, Garry has lost 22.4 pounds so far! I don’t like to think too far ahead, so my short term goal for now is just to stay on track til Christmas!

Week 6 Nutrisystem update

Are you also trying to lose weight during the holidays? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment with tips, suggestions, questions or just to say hi! If you missed any of our previous Nutrisystem posts, just click here to catch up!


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