Sneak Peek Inside The NEW Pawalla Mini Box + $3 OFF for Our Pals!

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Pawalla Mini Box for Dogs

There’s a new box in town: Pawalla Mini Box! It’s the latest entry into the super fun trend of mystery box subscriptions for pets, and it proves that good things DO come in small packages!

Pawalla Mini is available for dogs and cats, and this little box offers a great value to pet parent looking for a less expensive alternative to full-sized boxes. As with all Pawalla boxes, anything edible in the Mini box has been hand-picked by Pawalla’s own pet nutritionist, and the rest of their crew are experts at finding unique specialty items for dogs and cats. It’s a smaller and more affordable Pawalla Box option and a great way to surprise and spoil your fur kid each month!

There are three items in each Pawalla Mini Box: One treat, one toy, and one surprise item. The February box had an extra item in it, probably because it was the first month of their new launch…but you never know what extras to expect, which is part of the fun of mystery boxes! Subscriptions are limited for now, so if you’d like to skip right on over and snag yours, be sure to use the Pawalla Promo Code WOOFMINI to get $3 OFF your first order!

daisy peek pawalla

Daisy received her February Pawalla Mini Box this week, so I thought I’d give you a quick overview. She was too eager to try everything and was SO excited that I could NOT get her to sit still for photos.  Here’s what we received in this month’s box. just to give you an idea of the type of high-quality and fun stuff you can expect. Remember that items will vary by pet size and are different each month.

duck treats

Roasted Duck Wigzi Tasties Dog Treats: Made in the USA, these grain-free treats are 100% natural, and great for training since it’s like having little bits of meat in your pocket without the mess! Excellent for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities like Daisy, because they contain only 3 ingredients, Duck, Chick Pea Flour, and Tapioca Flour. And, a portion of all proceeds goes to rescue groups, so what’s not to love???

Grizzly Salmon NuTreats for Dogs

Grizzly Salmon NuTreats for Dogs: Salmon is probably Daisy’s favorite thing, so we were super excited about these all-natural, grain-free bits! Made from wild salmon, these also make a great training treat because of their small size and yummy smell.  Premium quality, made in USA treats.

Lock n' Play Dog Toy

Lock n’ Play Dog Toy: Super fun and interactive chew toy that makes your dog work for their treats! Stuff to yummy bits inside for long-lasting fun as they work to get them out…Daisy has figured out how to bounce hers on the floor to make the treats pop out! Recyclable and made in the USA.

happy jasmine spray

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Spray: This Happy Jasmine spray for pets is making ME happy already just from the amazing smell! Daisy just got a bath so it hasn’t been thoroughly tested in stinking conditions yet, but I sprayed some on her coat and rubbed it in…so lovely! Made with essential oils for a fresh and shiny coat between baths.

What You Need To Know About Pawalla Mini Box:

  • Available for both Dogs and Cats
  • ALL Three Items are Full-Sized Products
  • Customized for your pet’s size and age
  • Treats are All-natural or Organic
  • Hand-picked by Pawalla’s Pet Nutritionist
  • Choose 1-Month @ $14/month, 6-Month @ $13/month or 12-Month Subscription @ $12/month

Ready to snag a Pawalla Mini Box for your dog or cat? Get $3 OFF at when you use Promo Code WOOFMINI at checkout!

Want more? Check out our review of the original, full-size Pawalla Box which includes more goodies plus wet food, too! And use Promo Code WOOFWOOF for 20% OFF your first box!

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  1. FYI. the code took off $5.20 for me (making one month of the “mini” $8.80.)

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