Daisy Goes Green (Green Feeder for Pets)

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Daisy's new green feeder

slow eating

still eating

refill please

Does your dog eat too fast or get bored easily? Daisy LOVES her new Interactive Green Feeder! Sometimes we use it to slow down her eating at meals and other times just to make getting treats more challenging. Go HERE to get one for your fur kid and make meal time more fun!


  1. We almost bought this for Bailie when we first got her because she is so food crazy. She still eats way too fast but we are working with her to slow her down. Sounds like it works quite well.

    • It does work really well, and I like that it encourages problem-solving and makes Daisy work  at getting her food! Otherwise she either isn’t interested in eating or inhales all her food in under 30 seconds!

  2. I’ve seen several friends get one of these recently.  I guess there are quite a few speed eaters out there.  I’m glad it works!
    Happy WW,

    • We’re having fun with it…Daisy likes when I stick a few of her treats in there during the day and she has to work them out. A nice change from her KONG Wobbler, even though she loves that too!

  3. I have to smoosh my nose into my martha stewart slow feeder bowl to get the kibbles at the bottom. Do you think this might be more accommodating for my big golden nose? It looks like it’s a tight nose fit in the 2nd picture, but perhaps it is the angle. 

    • It might be a tight fit Chewy, but it’s part of the fun! Daisy paws at it and uses her tongue and eventually gets every bit of kibble we put in there! Have you tried the KONG Wobbler? It’s great unless your mom minds you banging it around. Daisy always ends up backing her into a corner or up against the furniture and it’s loud but she hasn’t broken anything yet! LOL

  4. We love the GREEN feeder! I use it with Rocco everyday. Now at least he’s not done eating soon as I turn around! 
    Your pals,
    DIane and Rocco

  5. Very cool feeder! 🙂 I’ve seen some other one’s but this design is very interesting. 

  6. What a great feeder! I wonder if there’s a kitty equivalent?

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