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new glasses

A few weeks ago, a company called Firmoo asked if I’d like to try out their service and offered me a coupon code for a free pair of glasses in exchange for my honest opinion about them. I usually wear contact lenses but have been needing to get a new pair of prescription glasses so the timing was perfect! I was also pretty curious about the whole process because I’d never ordered glasses online before.

The first thing I noticed was how GREAT the prices are! There are loads of really nice styles under $30, and Firmoo frequently has FREE Frames promos and coupon codes to help keep your total cost low. Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, you can order just about any pair with tinting and have some awesome sunglasses! Visit Firmoo HERE to see what free frames or other offers are going on now.

Firmoo has some great tools to help online shoppers select the right size, style, shape and colors. I knew I wanted something with plastic frames in a bit of an oval shape. I’ve got glasses that are very square, so I thought it would be fun to get something different.

glasses by shapes

The Firmoo website also lets you “try on” the glasses by viewing them on different faces and you can even upload your own photo and get a pretty good idea of how they will look on you.

One thing I really like (in addition to their awesome selection of styles) is that they list the size info for each pair and that really helps find glasses that fit if you already have an existing pair that fit well.

Look on the inside of your prescription eyeglasses and you’ll see a set of numbers printed on the temple (arm piece). Those numbers let you know the size of your lens, the size of the bridge (or distance between lenses), and the length of the temple from front of the frame to the end that goes behind your ear.

So, after “trying on” several pairs, reading the many reviews and checking out the photos other customers had posted, I ordered my glasses. It was super easy to enter my info from the prescription the eye doctor had given me, and each step had explanations for everything so it’s pretty hard to mess it up.

firmoo glasses and case

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they arrived and the quality of the glasses as well as the sturdy case. They even sent a nice lens cloth which is always a handy thing to have to keep your lenses smudge free.

It was really difficult to capture in photos, but the frames are a really nice tortoise brown color accented with a beautiful turquoise blue around the eyes. It’s a very subtle blue that becomes more noticeable when the light catches it at certain angles. You can tell a bit better from this photo below and the one at the top of this post. Or Click HERE to view the product page for this pair on

glasses back

Even though I usually wear contacts, having a cute new pair of prescription lenses makes me want to wear glasses more frequently. And because their prices are so low, I’m already thinking about heading back to Firmoo to pick up another pair or two in different styles and colors!

Liz glasses

Want to grab a pair for yourself? Visit to see all their cute styles and awesome tools for finding your perfect pair.Even if you don’t need prescription lenses, eyeglasses can be a fun fashion accessory and you can get them tinted if you want sunglasses.


  1. Cindy Z. Stewart (freespiritczs & cindyzs) says

    i like the purple or pink oval types! i have fingers crossed!! i am in such a need of new glasses…..mine are about 8 years old and being held by tape, lol, seriously though. they are bifocals, but really just need for reading…am fighting 2 blinding diseases and really need eyes examined too 🙂 thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  2. I totally have a really strong prescription so these cheap glasses are usually not so cheap for me. But sometimes they do end up being cheaper than at the eye doc. I always go with rectangular black frames, I’m so boring. But if I had a spare pair, I’d want purple!!!

  3. Cheap glasses are key, especially if you have pups like mine. Whenever they want pets they “pet” my husband or me to start things off. Unfortunately this usually involves use getting clawed in the face. Not exactly what the dogs were going for, but close enough I suppose. So the glasses get scratched a bunch. 

  4. What a great post! I am in need of new glasses badly. My puppy went through her teething phase a while back and she got to my glasses while I was at work and they are ruined. I love the shape of your frames and I would love to try these out. 🙂 

  5. Michelle S says

    Your reviews are always fantastic!  I really love these frames on you too.  For me, though, I would go with the #F1007 in burgundy.

  6. Lauren S. says

    I love the glasses you chose! they have such cute frames at Firmoo, and I’d love a new pair since my puppy headbutted the lenses out of mine!

  7. Vicki Seals says

    You look really good!  Your glasses are really cute. I would like to get some sunglasses.  Thanks for the review, and the giveaway.   vickise at gmail dot com

  8. md Kennedy says

    I’d love a pair of classic cat’s eye glasses in dark blue!

  9. Robin Christofaro says

    I like your glasses a lot. I’m not sure yet what style I would choose for myself, but I’d like the chance to pick some! Thanks!

  10. amandasue says

    Very cute! I’d go with a cute pink pair 🙂 

  11. Wendy Leavins says

    They are all so cute, and not bad priced. I would like a pair for sunglasses sinceidomt have RX glasses. Fingers crossed, good luck.

  12. Michelle L says

    I like your glasses,
    What shape and color or type of glasses you like best for yourself?
    I’d love rectangular, but ovally shaped sort of, usually I choose pink, purple or reddy brown as the color.  By the way, international entry:)

  13. Alesha OL says

    Those are soooo cute!! I so badly would love a pair with blue and orange, my #DB colors, plus we somehow ended up with 3 orange colored meow-sons, out of the 4, go figure;)

  14. I have a certain astigmatism in which I can’t have rectangular frames, which is a bummer since they look pretty good on me. However, these frames look pretty good for me: #F048 – Black,Pink,Rose.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Lori Wells says

    I wear sunglasses all the time to avoid squinting and wrinkles so any bigframes any color.

  16. I like dark rectangular glasses

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