Easy Ways To Give Your Dog a Healthy Smile #SmoochUrPooch

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Daisy is known far and wide (or at least around these parts) for her many smiles. My mom likes to say that Daisy is “Personality Plus” because she is so adorably expressive and such a character. Like every dog mom, about a million times a day I just want to stop whatever I’m doing and give that face a big fat smooch!

Also like every dog mom out there, I want to make sure to keep her smile healthy (and smoochable) because a dog with a healthy mouth is a healthier dog overall…and nobody like stinky dog breath. In addition to regular tooth brushing with a toothpaste made just for dog teeth, there are some additional ways you can help give your dog a healthy smile while still keeping your dental routine simple.

Easy Ways To Give Your Dog a Healthy Smile

We’ve recently partnered with TropiClean, and because dental health is the core to overall pet health, we want to let you know about their easy and non-invasive solution to at-home pet dental health care. TropiClean has developed 3 Simple Steps so that caring for your dog’s teeth doesn’t have to be a struggle:

All are made with ingredients from Nature, so you can feel good about using them with your fur kid. And, all are designed to make it easy to keep your dog’s mouth a healthy and smoochable mouth.

easy dog dental care

We’ll be back over the next several weeks to tell you more! For now, you can visit TropiClean.com to explore their products, and find them on Facebook and Twitter…and don’t forget to Smooch Your Pooch!

This is not intended as medical advice. Remember that no product is a substitute for regular visits to a veterinarian or pet health care professional, and not every product is appropriate for every dog. Always discuss health questions and concerns with your dog’s vet, and seek their guidance about the best ways to keep your pet healthy.

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