*NEW* Super Chewer BarkBox with the Most Durable Dog Toys and Tougher Chews

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Every dog mom and dad we know loves BarkBox but some of you have told us that you wish the subscription box service for dogs had stronger toys and tougher chews. Well, your wish has been granted with the new BarkBox Super Chewer Box!

Just in time for holiday gift giving, it’s the answer for pups who turn their toys into a pile of fluff in mere minutes, or who need an extra challenge to keep them busy longer. This new BarkBox includes 2 non-plush toys, 2 bags of treats, and 2 chews.


SuperChewer BarkBox Subscription PricesĀ are as follows:


With tough chews, all-natural treats, and challenging toys that you can’t find together anywhere else. The toys and chews are insanely tough, in every sense of the word. Sturdy and surprising, playful and puzzling. The Super Chewer toys stay fun longer than normal toys can stay together. Visit BarkBox.com to get a Super Chewer BarkBox for your dog.


  1. I have to say this sounds amazing. I am sure that a lot of dog owners will agree that having something that won’t break within 2 minutes of giving it to my dog is a huge weight off our shoulders.

  2. Rebecca Stewart says

    We are current bark box subscribers and while we love it our doggy chews thru her toys in a matter of minutes. We would love to upgrade to the super chewer. Do I need to call or can this be done now?

    • Since it’s a separate subscription type, you need to cancel your regular BarkBox and then signup for a new Super Chewer plan. I’d suggest you call or instant chat with them through their website to make sure it all goes through the way you intend. Let us know how your dog likes the new version!

  3. Merla L Anders says

    I switched over to the touch toy barkbox and my dog tore them up in under ten minutes

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