FREE Pet Charm + Protect Your Dog or Cat From Secondhand Smoke #FinishIT

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Free Pet Collar Charm

Did you know that dogs and cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their pet parent smokes? To help raise awareness and educate pet owners, Petco is giving away FREE Pet Collar Charms. Just stop by your local Petco store and pick one up while supplies last.

second hand smoke and pets

We hope that if you smoke, you’ll consider quitting. It’s healthier for you, your family members and the fur kids. Both Woof Woof Papa and I quit smoking several years ago and I know how difficult it is, but it’s SO worth it! If you’ve tried before, try again…it often takes several attempts before it sticks, but don’t quit quitting!

Pets don’t have control over their exposure to harmful toxins, so pet parents must be responsible. Petco has put together some tips on how to help protect your pet from the effects of second hand smoke.

Wash or change your pet’s bedding regularly. If you smoke in the home or around your pet’s things, wash or change those things frequently. This includes your pet’s beds, leashes, collars, dishes, clothing, toys—even your own furnishings, carpets, floors and clothing—anything that can collect tobacco residue left behind after smoking and become harmful to your pet.

Take your pet to a veterinarian for regular wellness checks. Just like regular check-ups with a doctor are important for us, regular visits to your veterinarian are the best way to stay on top of your pet’s overall health and wellness. A full veterinary evaluation at least twice a year—or more often if specific health concerns arise—can also identify signs or symptoms of health issues, including pet cancer, sooner rather than later.

Groom or bathe your pet regularly. Just like your own clothing and hair, your pet’s fur is another place where tobacco residue can build up over time and be inhaled or ingested by your petparticularly those who groom themselves by licking. Regularly grooming or bathing can help reduce the presence of harmful toxins. Petco recommends bathing or grooming every 6-8 weeks, but if you smoke, your pet may benefit from greater frequency. Between grooms and baths, or immediately after smoking near your pet, you can use a wet cloth or pet wipe to quickly clean the surface of your pet’s fur.

Dispose of cigarette butts properly—don’t let your pets eat them. This should be a no-brainer, but cigarette butts, ashes or any other leftover tobacco products can be harmful to your pet if chewed, licked or swallowed. If you or anyone else smokes around your pet, be sure to properly dispose of the remnants so they’re not accessible. Never leave ashtrays within your pet’s reach and be on the lookout for stray cigarette butts improperly disposed of by others, especially when walking outside with dogs.

Don’t smoke around your pet or better yet, quit smoking! To more significantly reduce your pet’s exposure to harmful carcinogens found in secondhand and thirdhand smoke, don’t smoke near your pet, around their things, or in their home environments at all. If you must, smoke outside and wash your hands and face—even change your clothes if you can—before handling or touching your pet after smoking. This won’t eliminate your pet’s exposure altogether, but it can reduce the amount of smoke or tobacco residue they take into their bodies. Cut back if you can. Quitting is ideal.

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FREE Pet ID Tag from Arm & Hammer!

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pet id tag, free from arm & hammer, help find lost pets, for cats and dogs

Receive a FREE Laser Engraved Pet ID Tag by mail with the purchase any 2 Arm & Hammer Clumping Cat Litters before 12/31/12. You can get all the details and print the mail-in form here!

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PetQR Dog Id Tag Deal

If you haven’t had a chance yet to signup for daily pet deals from now is a great time to check them out! Right now, they are offering a fantastic discount on the PetQR Dog ID Tag for only $5 including shipping. For about the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can help protect your pet with this specially coded ID Tag. If your dog happens to get lost, anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code and see the information you want them to see. There are no subscription or membership fees and you can log in from anywhere to change your pet’s profile and control what info is public or private.

This deal is available for US and Canada, and you can order up to 5 tags…so it makes a very thoughtful and affordable gift idea!

Keep Your Pet Safe with a Special Edition PetQRTag! Only $6 Shipped = 71% Off!!

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PetQRtag keeps your pet safe

Barking Deals has partnered with PetQRTag to offer the blue Rescue Edition Dog Tag for $6 including shipping. This is a limited edition design only available through this deal!

The PetQRTag is a dog tag with a QR (Quick Response) code printed on it. That unique code is generated to map to your pet’s own personal webpage that can be accessed using a smartphone or any internet enabled device. You completely control the information shared and it allows you to keep your contact information current. All the information that you include on the tag is stored in a secured database and you always have the ability to change and update the tag be logging in to your free account. The PetQRTag allows you to input information such as multiple contact numbers, vet info, photo, pet characteristics, rabies and microchip numbers, and other important info about your pet someone should know in case you can’t be reached like allergies, medications, types of food to feed or not feed. And not only can it store all the information of your loved pet, there are absolutely no monthly or activation costs because the cost of the tag covers it all!