74% OFF Self-Service Dog Water Fountain $17.99 ($70 reg)

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dog water fountain

Here’s a fun way to make sure your dog always has fresh water whenever they feel thirsty. All they need to do is press on the paw design of the fountain pad for a gentle stream of clean water. This ease of operation encourages your dog to drink water whenever they want.

While dogs should never be left outdoors unattended, especially in the summer heat, we think this would be perfect for weekends when the family is hanging out in the backyard, for on the patio, or for the dog who has his or her own doggy door and can come and go when they need.  What’s more fun than learning how to treat yourself to fresh water whenever you want it?!

Snag this API Dog Water Fountain while it’s on sale for $17.99 ($69.99 reg) and eligible for Free SuperSaver Shipping or Free Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping. Amazon prizes are subject to change, so don’t wait or you might miss it!

doggie fountain box

  • Easy to press pad for water release
  • Constant availability of fresh water
  • Heavy-duty manufacturing for long life
  • The fountain is a great device to encourage your dog to drink fresh water whenever they feel thirsty
  • Heavy gauge steel for durability

$29 for Big Max Ceramic Pet Fountain for Dogs and Cats ($80 reg.)!

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Ceramic Pet Water Fountain

There’s a new Groupon Pet Deal on the Big Max ceramic water fountain for dogs and cats. This fountain’s circulating water stimulates your pet’s natural attraction toward moving water, encouraging them to drink more and stay hydrated. The water continually passes through a charcoal filter to maintain its purity before making its way into an extra-large drinking area.

The 128oz. extra large drinking area is also dishwasher safe! It’s on sale for $29 + $5 shipping($79.99 reg) and includes a 1 year warranty. Visit Groupon.com for more info and to order.

Save Up To $34 On Ceramic or Stainless Pet Water Fountains!

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yellow lab with smile, black water fountain with filter and fresh running water

Several styles and designs of pet water fountains are on sale this week during the Fab Pet Sale, and prices range from $12.50-$56 depending on size and finish ($20-90 reg.).

Thirsty dogs and cats will love drinking fresh, healthy water from these bubbling water fountains and Pet Parents will love the fact that they are sleek, stylish and use a charcoal filter for purified water hydration! Browse the Pet Water Fountains while they are on sale! Ends 7pm ET 8/2/12.

$25 for Animal Planet Automatic-Flow Pet Water Fountain ($40 Value) Shipping Included!

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Animal Planet Pet Water Fountain on Sale

UPDATE: The Groupon deal mentioned below has sold out but be sure to check out THIS Pet Water Fountain on sale for $26, eligible for FREE US Shipping!


Check out this Groupon deal for an Animal Planet Automatic Pet Water Fountain! Regular price is $39.99 but they are offering it for a short time at only $25 including shipping! The ever-spouting spigot makes a soft trickling noise that reminds pets of the wild and encourages hydration.  Designed for dogs and cats with a removable 3-quart reservoir, and transparent tank so you can see when water levels are depleting. Uses a standard wall outlet for power.


Wordless Wednesday: Water Fountain!

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Daisy slobber face

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