BarkBox Coupons, Deals and Reviews

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BarkBox Coupon Codes Deals and Reviews


Our Exclusive BarkBox Coupon Codes & Deals

  • Use this link w/ BarkBox Coupon Code: WOOFWOOFMAMA for a FREE Month added to any plan of 1 month or more + FREE US Shipping
  • Use this link w/ Super Chewer Box Coupon Code: WOOFWOOFMAMA for a FREE Month added to any plan of 1 month or more + FREE US Shipping


Recent Super Chewer and BarkBox Reviews


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Recent BarkBox Reviews

      • Standard monthly rates:
        • 1 Month plan $29/month
        • 6 Month plan $25/month
        • 12 Month plan $21/month


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Money-Saving BarkBox Tip: You get a bigger discount with the longer plans. Not sure you want to commit to the 12-month plan? No worries! You’ll still save money by choosing the 6-month plan instead of the 1-month option…but do whatever works for you!

      • FREE Shipping on all US orders. Visit to learn more & get one.


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