Spot & Tango Review + Coupon: Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service

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Dog lovers, we’ve heard from many of you who are interested in feeding your dog real, fresh cooked food but aren’t sure where to start. It can be a challenge to know the right recipes and ingredients to use, to make sure your dog gets the proper nutrients. Plus there is the hassle of extra grocery shopping, measuring, cooking and packaging of all those meals. Like you, I want the best for our dog Daisy, but without all the guesswork and extra time in the kitchen.

We’ve recently been introduced to Spot & Tango, a meal delivery service for dogs. It’s fresh pet food made with locally sourced ingredients, cooked to order in their USDA certified kitchen just days before arriving at your door. We accepted Spot & Tango’s invitation to try out their dog food delivery service and are excited to tell you all about it.

Dog Food Review Spot and Tango

This Spot & Tango dog food review shows the quantity and recipes we received based on Daisy’s personalized dog food meal plan. Your dog will get their own personalized meal plan based on the info you give when you sign up for your trial subscription on All of the recipes are human-grade, fresh, ready-to-serve meals made with fresh fruits & vegetables. No artificial additives, preservatives or fillers.

After taking the quiz and receiving your personalized meal plan, your dog’s meals are delivered directly to your door. They arrive packed in dry ice, and even in South Florida, ours were all still frozen after the box sat out in the sun on our porch til we got home the day it arrived.

You just open the box, defrost a few days worth and serve. Keep the rest in your freezer for later. At first I was concerned about the amount of freezer space Daisy’s dog food would take up, but 2 weeks worth fits easily on the small top shelf of our freezer, next to where the ice maker is.

It’s important when switching your dog’s food that you do so gradually. Our first shipment included full instructions on how to transition our old dog food to the new one.

In addition to the helpful feeding instructions, I love the info about recycling. There is very little excess packaging, and the green insulation foam is actually biodegradable and dissolves in the sink with running water. I’m sad I forgot to get video of it dissolving but I was really enjoying watching it melt away, and I forgot!

Back to the feeding schedule and transitioning. Out of extra caution, we took things even more slowly than instructed. I started with a spoonful a day for the first few days and then went on to use the fresh food as topper on Daisy’s kibble. They actually have a subscription you can choose if you only want to use the fresh dog food as topper and don’t plan to fully transition from dry kibble. Some dogs like the crunch of dry food and people have different preferences for the mix of food they like to feed their pups. Spot & Tango make it easy to strike the right balance, whatever you decide to do.

They include a bag clip to keep leftovers fresh. I love the little attentions to detail like this one!

As you can see, this meal is Lamb and Brown Rice dog food. There’s spinach, whole peas, chopped carrot pieces, parsley, apple cider vinegar, and fresh blueberries accompanying the ground lamb and brown rice. The personalized info sheet we received with our shipment includes the full list of ingredients for each of the three dog food meal varieties we received. Recipe details also include an AAFCO Statement about the nutrient profile for each variety of dog food in your plan.

The other two varieties we received were Turkey & Red Quinoa and Beef & Millet. Your dog’s plan will be personalized for their needs, age and size. You can check out Spot & Tango’s Dog Breed Knowledge Base to learn more about personalized dog food for breed-specific, young, old, sensitive stomach, overweight dogs, etc.

Hopefully you can see how frosty cold everything was when I opened our box for the first time!

Daisy is really excited about getting her own special box of freshly cooked dog food, and I love the convenience. The personalized recommendations and quality, real food ingredients are also important to me.

Spot & Tango Coupon Code

If you’d like to try Spot & Tango for your dog, we’ve arranged a very special exclusive discount just for our readers!

Get 30% OFF your dog’s first trial order. Just take the quiz here to sign up and be sure to use Spot & Tango coupon code: WOOFWOOFMAMA at checkout.

The Refundable Trial comes with a satisfaction guarantee. The offer is a great way to sample the food and see if your pup likes it. You can cancel anytime. There is NO contract or obligation, and every order includes free shipping.

Because the food can stay frozen for up to 6 months, you can also use it to keep a stash of special occasion meals, treats and kibble toppers, even if you decide not to fully switch over. We think your dog will love it as much as Daisy does, and this is a great chance to give it a try in time for the holidays and into the New Year!

Give Your Family the Gift of Pet Insurance

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When friends and family get a new pet, they often ask what pet insurance I recommend. I always give the same answer: PetPlan Pet Insurance.

It’s the pet insurance we’ve had for Daisy since adopting her 9 years ago, and we’ve never regretted the decision. We’ve had to file at least one claim every year and have never been denied. It really takes some of the stress out of having a sick pet, knowing that cost doesn’t have to factor into making decisions about their care and treatment.

We all want what’s best for our pets. If you haven’t already done so, take the time this holiday season to give your family the peace of mind that comes with having really good pet insurance. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. PetPlan has the most comprehensive coverage for dogs and cats, with up to 10% OFF in discounts when you sign up online here.

Remember that pets are family, and a lifetime commitment. It’s your responsibility to plan and budget for their care. Pet insurance is an important part of that plan, and helps you with unexpected vet bills if your dog or cat gets sick or injured.

Just some of the things we love about PetPlan:

  • Easy app for filing claims
  • Very quick reimbursement
  • Choose your own deductible and copay
  • Their super friendly 24/7 customer service
  • Proud supporter of Pets for Patriots
  • Preferred pet insurance provider to AARP members
  • 42 years in business

You can view this chart see how PetPlan compares with other popular insurance plans.  Visit the PetPlan website to learn more.

BarkBox Review + Coupon: Thankstuffing Turducken

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Daisy and I review every month’s BarkBox and the holiday editions are always our favorites. This month’s BarkBox is all about Thanksgiving, and spoiler alert, it came complete with an actual Turducken! If you’ve never heard of a Turducken, it’s an upgrade to traditional Thanksgiving turkey. It’s a turkey that’s been stuffed with a duck that’s been stuffed with a chicken. It’s an actual thing that you can order from your butcher or sometimes find at Costco or Whole Foods.

Now that we’ve revealed the main course, let’s get down to business!

If you aren’t familiar with BarkBox, it’s the most popular monthly dog subscription box around. Each month’s box has a different theme and the November BarkBox theme is Thankstuffing.

As with each month’s dog subscription box from BarkBox, this one included 2 fun toys inspired by the theme, plus 2 full-size bags of dog treats and a tasty meat chew. You can expect a value of $40-$50 worth of dog toys and treats in each month’s BarkBox, for as low as $21/month including Free US Shipping.

Every dog’s BarkBox can be customized for their size and food sensitivities. Daisy gets the large dog box which is shown in our BarkBox reviews, but whatever size your dog is, they will get the same number of toys and treats in appropriate sizes.

If you want a deal, use our BarkBox coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA at to get a FREE month when you order 1 month or longer.

Here’s a look at what was in the November BarkBox along with the retail values of each item if purchased separately. If you missed getting this box and want to pick up some of the toys and treats shown here, they may still be available for individual sale at The BarkShop.

November BarkBox Dog Toys

  • Mashed Potato Mountain Dog Toy ($10 retail value) Who doesn’t need a heaping mountain of mashed potatoes with their Thanksgiving feast? This cute dog toy even has gravy on top! It’s a plush toy with a large textured squeaker inside.
  • Ducken Stuffed Turkey Dog Toy ($12 retail value) The star of any Turkey Day is the bird and this one is super special. As I mentioned earlier, he’s a Turducken: a turkey stuffed with a duck that’s been stuffed with a chicken. He’s also got some crinkle material stuffing and a squeaker to make him even more exciting.

You can actually pull the duck out of the turkey. Daisy keeps bringing him back to me so I can restuff the toy and then she pulls him back out again.

Such a great example of the creativity and thought that goes into all the BarkBox toys!

Here’s a look at all the dog toy variations that were sent out in this month’s BarkBox.

November BarkBox Dog Treats

  • Lamb Stick Dog Chew ($4 retail value) A meaty lamb recipe chew treat. It’s big enough to break in half and save some for leftovers!
  • Duck. Lamb. Kale. Dog Treats ($8 retail value) You can already tell what’s in these triple stuffed dog treats. All the good stuff and none of the junk. Shaped like kale leaves.
  • Sweet Potato. Honey. Blueberries. Dog Treats ($8 retail value) As with all BarkBox dog treats, these are made in the USA with wholesome ingredients. Shaped like a slice of pie.

As usual, this month’s Barkbox also included info related to this month’s box and theme.

And the flip side is actually a Thanksgiving Table Setting complete with place card for your dog. Super CUTE photo prop for you and your dog!

Barkbox Cost and Value

By our calculation, this month’s BarkBox had $42 worth of dog toys, treats and chews if you were to purchase them all separately. That’s makes a subscription a real bargain when you consider that plans starts as low as $21/month with free US shipping included.

BarkBox Coupon Code

If you’d like to customize a BarkBox for your lucky pup, visit this link and use BarkBox coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE month added to any order of 1-month or longer.

Super Chewer Box Review + Coupon Thanksgiving Edition

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Goggle, Gobble! It’s almost Turkey Day and Daisy’s Super Chewer Box arrived just in time for us to give you the scoop on what was inside, with this month’s Super Chewer Box review.

If you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, the Super Chewer Box, from the folks at BarkBox, is a monthly dog box subscription designed especially for dogs who are toy destroyers and need more long-lasting meaty chews. We’re showing you exactly what you can expect if you decide to get your dog a subscription box of their own.

Daisy’s subscription has been customized for her size and food sensitivities, and your dog’s plan can be too.

Sizes are: “Small but Mighty” for up to 20 pound dogs, “Middle Weight” 20-50 pounds, “Large and in Charge” for dogs 50+ pounds.

Every Super Chewer BarkBox includes $40-50 worth of dog stuff:

  • 2 Extremely durable dog toys (plus free toy replacement)
  • 2 Full-size bags of natural dog treats (made in USA)
  • 2 long-lasting meat chews (made in USA)
  • Free US Shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Each month’s Super Chewer Box has a new and unique theme and the November box theme is all about Thanksgiving. Read on to see what was in this month’s Super Chewer BarkBox.

And be sure to use our exclusive coupon code: WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE extra month added to any plan! (yes, even the monthly no commitment plan)

Here’s a look at what was in the November Super Chewer Box along with the retail values of each item if purchased separately. If you missed getting this box and want to pick up some of the toys and treats shown here, they may still be available for individual sale at The BarkShop.

November Super Chewer Box Dog Toys

Smash Potato Super Chewer Dog Toy ($14 retail value) It’s rare to find a plush toy of any kind in a Super Chewer box but this one is super heavy-duty, hidden spiky ball inside. And it’s Bacon Scented which is an extra special surprise, and the reason the box’s official theme name is Thanksniffing.

Turkey Drumstick Super Chewer Dog Doy ($14 retail value) Every dog deserves their own drumstick on Thanksgiving and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s large, heavy natural rubber, and the bone reminds me of a Nylabone dog toy.

Here’s a look at all the different versions of tough dog toys that went out in the November Super Chewer Boxes.

November Super Chewer Box Dog Treats

Sweet Bluponey Dog Treats ($8 retail value) Shaped like a slice of pie, these natural dog treats are mad with wholesome sweet potato, honey and blueberries. Perfect for dessert after the Thanksgiving feast!

Duckalamb Dog Treats ($8 retail value) Shaped like kale leaves, these chewy treats are made of duck, lamb and kale. We’ve been using these in some of Daisy’s hide-a-treat dog toys and she goes crazy for them!

Peanut Butter and Carob Stick Dog Chew ($4 retail value) 

Duck Stick Dog Chew ($4 retail value)

Both of these chew sticks are BIG and meaty. Free from any bad stuff like wheat, soy, corn, etc. They are large enough to break in half if you want to save some for later, but it takes some effort because they are tough, as any good chew should be.

Half a stick is a nice size afternoon snack for Daisy…and there will be leftovers for tomorrow this way!

Super Chewer Box Cost and Value

By our calculation, this month’s BarkBox Super Chewer edition had $52 worth of dog toys, treats and chews if you were to purchase them all separately.

That’s makes a subscription a real bargain when you consider that plans starts as low as $29/month with free US shipping included.

In addition to the super tough dog toys, tasty natural dog treats, and meaty chew sticks, every Super Chewer Box includes an information card with tips and advice on how to get the most out of your box. This month that included some special dog hacks and a challenge to play hide and seek with the scented toys. We really loved this year’s Thanksgiving Super Chewer Box and can’t wait to see what surprises the December box has for us!

Super Chewer BarkBox Coupon Code

To snag a Super Chewer Box for your lucky dog, visit this link and add Super Chewer coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA at checkout to get a FREE month added to any order of 1-month or longer.

Remember, this is a dog box subscription especially for extreme chewers and dogs who are tough on their toys.

To compare Super Chewer Box and the original Classic BarkBox visit our BarkBox Coupons and Reviews page.

Hot Tech Gift Alert: Mavic Mini Drone (Almost as Light as a Smartphone)

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Avid traveler, outdoor adventurer, budding YouTube (or Tik Tok) star, tech toy fanatic; chances are someone on your holiday gift list wants a drone. If you’ve researched drones in the past, you might have been put off by the high prices, or had safety concerns, or found them too complicated.

This year, there’s a new ultralight, portable and affordable option: the Mavic Mini Drone from DJI and at $399 it might just be the hottest tech toy gift of the season!

Mavic Mini is almost as light as the average smartphone. This makes it super portable and places it in the low and safe weight class of drones. Best Buy has sponsored this gift guide to let you know it’s available for pre-order now.

The DJI Mavic Mini is recommended for ages 16 and up, making it a super cool gift idea for just about any creative, active and tech-loving teenager or adult. It’s a fun family gift with simplified recording and editing features. It even lets you generated short video and share it instantly with friends on social media.

The DJIFly app can help you find popular, scenic shooting locations near you. And, because it’s so lightweight, it can stay in the air longer than similar consumer FlyCams on the market. Enjoy up to 30 minutes of flight time with a fully-charged battery. Did I mention that it’s foldable?

It’s got so many cool features and photos don’t really do it justice, so watch this quick video to see it in action and learn more.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting tech toy gift this year, or want to treat yourself,  get it by the Nov 11 release date when you order now at