Dog-safe Chocolate Biscuits 50% Off – Includes Free Shipping

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dog safe chocolate biscuits on sale

Chocolate for dogs. Wait..what? Checking Barking Deals today, I was surprised to learn that there is such a thing as dog-safe chocolate treats, and on top of that, they are half off with today’s deal!

Angelic Chocolates is a treat for your dog and a treat for you of peace of mind knowing that these are dog-safe chocolate-y treats. Angelic Chocolates dips these tasty biscuits in white, yellow and orange chocolate. The product info states that this is veterinary approved chocolate. (does not contain any coco)

Visit Barking Deals to pick up this half price deal and you’ll get Angelic Chocolates’ small Halloween aluminum bucket filled with 3 pounds of dog biscuits dipped in white, yellow and orange chocolate for only $11.99 (a $23.99 value). Free Shipping is included. Quantities are limited so if you are interested in trying out some dog-safe chocolate treats, don’t wait!

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