Ark Naturals BREATH-LESS Product Review and Upcoming $100+ Prize Package Giveaway

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Daisy Checking out Ark Natural

Ark Naturals produces a line of all natural health and wellness products for dogs & cats,  so Daisy and I were thrilled when they offered to send us some of their favorite items to review and give away to our readers!

When the box arrived, Daisy was too curious to even wait for me to get some photos of the goodies before she started to sniff out the details. The goodies they sent us to try, and that will be in the prize package for the giveaway winner include: a bag of BREATH-LESS Brushless-Toothpaste treats, a box of BREATH-LESS Plaque Zapper, and Paws in the Pie pet treats in Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie.

The BREATH-LESS Brushless-Toothpaste are cleverly designed treat sticks for dogs and cats and come in different sizes. The firm outside is made of breath-freshening ingredients including chlorophyll, cinnamon, vanilla and clove, and has ridges for effective teeth scrubbing and healthy gums. The inside is filled with Ark’s patented toothpaste center to help with plaque, tartar, and fresher breath. They are made with no artificial colors or flavors and are extra cute because the toothpaste filling is heart shaped! Ark Natural toothpaste closeup

It was a real challenge to get Daisy to sit still for a photo because she was having fun rolling and chomping her treat too much but here she is enjoying a stick after her dinner:Daisy BREATH-LESS Brushless toothpaste


The fizzy BREATH-LESS Plaque Zapper comes in a box of 30 individual packets. You just add one packet to your dog or cat’s water bowl each day. Ark Naturals Plaque ZapperPutting Plaque-Zapper in your pets’ drinking water helps neutralize the ph level of saliva using naturally occurring enzymes to deter the growth of bacteria, and control plaque, tartar, and bad breath. The dissolved powder stays active for up to 8 hours in your pet’s water bowl and seems to be totally odorless, colorless, tasteless. As far as we can tell, Daisy doesn’t notice the difference!

We’re really happy with using the Ark Naturals Breath-Less products so far.  Not only do I feel less guilty about not being as consistent with the teeth brushing as I should be, but we also noticed an improvement already in Daisy’s breath. On top of having regular stinky doggy breath, Daisy’s was sometimes a bit fishy due to the fish based dog food she likes! Planning on using these 2 products together on a regular basis!

Stay Tuned…Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Paws in the Pie treats, and how you can enter to win your own Ark Naturals Prize Package valued at more than $100 with these all natural goodies and LOTS MORE  for your dog or cat!

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this product review or accompanying giveaway. Ark Naturals provided the 4 products I reviewed, free of charge for Daisy to try, and I have given my honest opinions here.

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