Drive your Kitty WILD with a 3 Pack of Catnip Stuffed KONG BraidZ Catnip Toys at 72% Off

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kitty kongs on sale

Transform your tame kitty into a “big cat” stalking prey across the savannah with the help of today’s Meowing Deal. Soft, stretchy, and surprisingly strong, KONGĀ® Cat BraidZ Catnip Toys come in three adorable styles (each three pack contains a monkey, tiger and giraffe). Each fleece toy is tightly braided to withstand your cat’s most enthusiastic clawing and hind-paw kicking. But durable construction isn’t the only thing they’ve got going for them. Not only are these toys fun to paw and pounce upon, each adorable safari plush contains enough of KONG’s premium North American catnip to keep your cat happily clawing and nipping their new best friend until it’s time for a another catnap. This deal is for a 3 pack of toys including shipping for only $6.99.

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