50% Off 100% Natural and Holistic Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws for Allergy Prone Dogs – Includes Free Shipping

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Half Off Gentlepaws at Barking Deals for Dogs

Today’s Barking Deal for Dogs is $19.95 for a bottle of Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws for Allergy Prone Dogs. Free shipping is included. Specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin, this non-toxic, non-staining spray has a pleasing citrus scent and a comforting mist of essential oils and extracts to soothe your dog’s paws. Sweet Pea’s GentlePaws will comfort and strengthen your dog’s paw pads and skin, while providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection. There are no artificial ingredients, no artificial fragrances, no messy clean up after, and no harmful toxins.

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