Giveaway and Product Review: Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel – 2 Lucky Winners!

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Luv & Emma's Dry Pets Giveaway

Living in an apartment with a dog like Daisy can be a challenge. She loves to go out and play at our park with all her pals but she comes home so dirty and there’s only one way in. No mud room or entrance through the garage…and we aren’t on the ground floor so she can’t even stop at the patio to clean those muddy paws first! I try to remember to leave a towel near the front door but I often forget, meaning we come home and I have to ATTEMPT to keep her from running around on the carpet and furniture before I clean those paws.

Daisy drying paw with Luv & Emma's Dry Pet towel

Daisy getting paw dried with Luv & Emma's Dry Pet Microfiber Towel

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets asked us to try out their super-handy and convenient microfiber towel, designed specifically for hanging on door knobs and handles! We’ve been using it for about a week and I love how easy it is to access when we get home from walking or playing. We live in Florida so we often get caught in the rain, but it would be perfect for Northern snow dogs too, because it’s extremely absorbent and doesn’t drip after you use it! In fact you can use it on any pet, not just dogs!

towel on doorknob doesn't drip

Cute design looks great hanging on our doorknob and never drips!

In addition to being super-absorbent, and a cute design, I also found that it dries really quickly so it’s always ready to go to work when needed! I’ve washed it once already, in the washer (don’t use fabric softener since it’s microfiber) and hung it to dry. You can get your very own Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets Microfiber towel using PayPal directly on their site, or by ordering through Amazon. They are on sale for $14.95 + shipping right now so if you are lucky enough to have a back porch or side door, I’d recommend buying two! I’m thinking about getting another one to keep in the car.

Two lucky readers will each win their own Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets Towel through our Giveaway! Just make sure to use the Rafflecopter contest widget (refresh the page in your browser to view it if necessary) below and Gain Entries by Selecting your choice(s)  from the methods listed here:

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  1. Kelly Ann T. says

    My dog knocked over the deep fryer (thank goodness the grease was cool) and it was a challenge to keep him from eating it while trying to clean it up at the same time.

  2. My dog made a big mess with a bag of bagels that I forgot to put away before I left. Nothing but bits and pieces was left of the twelve bagels.

  3. Brittany Boardley Renaldi says

    Our dogs got into the garbage this week. Food, garbage and dirty diapers were everywhere. It was horrible.

  4. We have a muddy patch of ground behind the house where grass doesn’t grow well and that’s exactly where our new puppy likes to explore! lol We’ve been cleaning her feet each and ever time she comes back into the house with a bath towel. ; ) Our carpet was shot before, but I think I’m going to have to invest in a carpet steamer! lol
    welindsey at gmail dot com

  5. Theresa Shafer says

    I have been very lucky. The biggest mess was only a hole in the yard that almost reached China.

    tes 1283 yahoo

  6. Muddy paws meets brand new white sheets. :-/

  7. I hate a messy poopy pee pee yard and I hate going out in the middle of the night or rain or snow or super hot heat and humidity to take the dog potty, so our trick is we litter box our little yorkie. (I previously litterbox trained a maltese and my ex sister in law’s shihtzu too).

    You merely housetrain them on a doggy potty pad and then put a LITTLE bit of litter in a litter box and put the pad NEXT to the litter box and then IN the litter box with a sprinkling of litter under and on the potty pad, just a little bit, then keep adding more litter under the pad and cut the pad about 1/8th smaller each day until there is none left and the litter is normal depth, we give them a small piece of treat for going in the potty while training too. We were even able to leave him for a short trip on a weekend and he went in the potty himself.

  8. Leah Love Orsbon says

    My dogs LOVE to get into bathroom trash!

  9. bonnie peeling says

    One day we accidently left out a package of saltine crackers, and when we came home, the entire package was crushed and scattered all over the floor. Sitting in the middle of it, and looking very guilty, but very satisfied, was our beautiful little Cockeranian, Icarus.

  10. Vicki Vix (JR Pickett) says

    Voted  for Woof Woof Mama on the Fence.  Neat giveaway. Thanks and best wishes for 2012.  Biggest mess? That wouldn’t be my current four-legged baby – she doesn’t even like getting her feet wet.  But my first Springer Spaniel loved anything wet… water, snow, mud.  She couldn’t see even a small pool of water without wanting to swim through it.  One day she found a drain full of mud… I don’t even think it was watery enough to have had more than a little water.  Mostly it was plain mud and yuck.  She spotted it before I did.  Before I could collar her she was sliding through it  stomach first.  I loved that dog more than I loved myself,  but at that moment I just wanted to throttle her.  I didn’t, of course.  She thought she was in heaven, and how could you not smile at the silly thing.  

  11. olivia rubin says

    my service dog has accididently stepped in gum while walkimg into stores, it bound her poor paw all together. a miracle solution for thismis Avon’s SkinSoSoft. if u dont have that then use baby oil, but avon works sbetter

  12. Missy Lynnh says

    One time my dog unrolled an entire toilet paper roll and TPed our house. Great surprise to come home to! 

  13. My son’s faithful companion, Lyla, is a sneak. She always has been. She sneaks around after everyone goes to sleep and gets into my dog’s food bowl, the cat food bowl, etc… She only does this when no one is looking.
    After Halloween one year, she got a hold of my son’s candy bucket. He had made quite a hall that year. The next morning I woke up to candy wrappers EVERYWHERE! She must have been at it for hours to unwrap all that candy. She was partial to the chocolate ones. (just like her owner)
    I know chocolate is bad for dogs but other than not being able to hide a guilty face, she was fine and wanted to go outside in the worst way. 

  14. Jackie Griebel says

    I came home and my dog had chewed up the couch cushion and then threw up everywhere!

  15. I have a cat who gets hairballs alot! Thank goodness we have Kids N Pets carpet cleaner (at Walmart for $5.00). It gets rid of the smell and stain, nothing works better! : ) 

    • Funny you mention that! I was just about to do a blog post on a Free after Rebate offer for Kids N Pets! Should be up tomorrow morning.

  16. eww took one dog out and he pooped and then my next one…she stepped in it and tracke dit on my carpet 🙁 ps. it was snowing and cold so she could have went anywhere but nope..straight to that spot!

  17. Crystal Mexico says

    All I have to say is Resolve is my best friend!!! lol

  18. Michele Behlen says

    My dog picked up one of my socks and swallowed it. Two days later he thew it up. He is a St. Bernard puppy.

    • Oh my! I met someone at the dog park the other day who said her dog has had to have surgery twice…both times for swallowing a sock! So I guess it’s a good think he threw it up even if it made a mess!

  19. Getting in trash can – had to invest in fancy can with automatic close hydraulics!

  20. Margaret T McLaughlin says

    We were given a 2 year old French Bulldog and didn’t know he wasn’t potty trained! I need my carpets shampooed badly!

  21. muddy paws – it’s amazing how far they can track on carpet and still leave tracks.

  22. kandace ferguson says

    The little dog we have is always stinky because we give him a bath and he goes out to potty and comes in after rolling in it 🙁 that towel would help lol. 

  23. I remember once my dog Bandit had eaten something that didn’t agree with his… the result was… well very messy.  Before I could let him out there was a trail of “stuff” through the house… on the light colored carpet, on the sofa, on the floor… poor baby, I felt bad for him but that was the worst thing EVER to clean up!

  24. Jessica Sage says

    One of my dogs ate one of my foam filled couches. There was foam and couch cushion everywhere!

  25. My dog loves money! One day, my Mom happened to set her purse on the floor instead of the desk where she normally puts it. She had been to the ATM that dayand withdrawn some cash and hadn’t placed it in her wallet. Well….all of a sudden I hear this screaming. There were little pieces of bills all over the floor. I asked her how much money she had….She wasn’t quite sure how much was left she had done some shopping and given my nephews some “spending money”, had lunch, etc. I gathered all the little pieces up and spent about 2 hours taping bills back together….to find $80 dollars. Luckily…no unmatched pieces, so I think we got it all! Did I mention my dog’s name is Monet? I know, not quite money….but close. =)

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