$5 Off Wellness Pet Food Coupon for Dogs and Cats – Exclusively for Facebook Fans

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Wellness Pet Food Coupon offer on Facebook

I’m always on the lookout for new Wellness Pet Food Coupons since that is Daisy’s regular brand of Dog Food. There’s a $5 Off Pet Food Coupon for dogs and cats available on the Wellness Facebook Page when you join their Naturally Well Pet Club here. In addition to the $5 Off Pet Food Coupon, you will also receive their monthly newsletter with additional coupons and special offers so it is WELL worth the time it takes to sign up!


  1. I can’t access this at the moment because I’m using mobile… But do you know if this is $5 off dry food or just $5 off a wellness purchase? I don’t get their dry food, although I get the canned when I have the coupons.

  2. What is the expiration on it?  TIA!

    • It’s been a little while since I joined but it depends on the date you sign up, since you get a unique link to print it once only. I believe the $5 Off coupon is good for 3 weeks from when you join! You’ll also receive a monthly email with links to $1 off Canned and $3 Off Dry each month after you join!

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