Giveaway: Green Your Pet’s Life and Win Over $100 in Rockin’ Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products!

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Rockin Green giveaway

The team over at Rockin’ Green, an award-winning maker of eco-friendly cleaning products, has just launched a new pet product called Doghouse Rock – a pet bed and toy laundry detergent that is safe for the planet and your pets. To help spread the word they are sponsoring a fantastic giveaway for Woof Woof Mama readers.

Doghouse Rock, like all Rockin’ Green products, is dye and phosphate free, contains no fillers, enzymes or optical brighteners and is non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable. Made with recyclable packaging, it’s blended to be the perfect detergent for pet bedding, stuffed toys and pet accidents.

Doghouse Rock and Rockin' Green cleaning products

Why use Doghouse Rock? Most detergents leave something behind such as fabric softener, fragrance or optical brighteners. That residue is breeding ground for dirt and bacteria and is toxic to your pet’s delicate system (not good!). Rockin’ Green only uses clean rinsing ingredients that are safe for the planet and your pet.

Wondering more about the Rockin’ Green line of eco-friendly cleaning products? Most well known for its clean-rinsing laundry detergent, Rockin’ Green is formulated for use on all fabric. They produce detergents for hard, soft and normal water conditions (known as Hard, Soft and Classic Rock varieties).

Rockin’ Green also carries Funk Rock, a first-of-its kind natural ammonia bouncer, and Melody, an odor-neutralizer and air freshener home spray. Both the Rockin’ Green laundry detergents and Melody come in six natural scents including: Smashing Watermelon, Earth Wind & Orchids, Mötley Clean, Lavender Mint Revival, Rage Against the Raspberry, and Bare Naked Babies (unscented). Visit their online shop to learn more about the healthy and green home cleaning and freshening products offered by Rockin’ Green.

The lucky winner of the Green Your Pet’s Life Rockin’ Green Giveaway will win a prize pack valued at over $100 including:

  • Two bags of Doghouse Rock pet bed and toy detergent ($28 value)
  • Two melody odor neutralizer and room spray in winner’s scent choice ($18 value)
  • Three bags of Rockin’ Green laundry detergent in winner’s scent choice ($45 value)
  • Rockin’ Green tumbler ($13 value)
  • Laundry scoop ($4 value)

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  1. You have so many wonderful giveaways that helps me be the best Mommy i can to my furbabies…Sissy and Sugar

  2. Looks like great product!  Thanks for opportunity to try it.

  3. really want to try the odor neutralizer… sometimes my pup is a little…. stinky 😛

  4. @Cristen – I LOVE the odor neutralizer!  Makes my pup smell SO much better, and all of her stuff too!  Plus – doesn’t hurt that the house smells lovely with it!

    I absolutely love FUNK ROCK!  I know this is a site about dogs – but for those of you that have cats – it works MIRACLES on cat pee!  I’m sure it does on dog urine too (I just don’t have a dog that pees on anything anymore)…but, I have NEVER found a product that gets rid of cat urine odor like Funk Rock does!!  I’ve tried EVERYTHING on the market in the last 10 years and this is BY FAR the best!

  5. I’d love to try the Femme Rock on my mama cloth!

  6. I would like to try the Classic Rock Detergent.

  7. Angelique Kim says

    I use classic rock unscented for cloth diapers but I would like to try the watermelon scent on my clothes. My 3 boston terriers are indoor/outdoor so I am constantly washing their big beds. I can’t wait to try the doghouse rock detergent. It’s nice to know that I can also use it to safely disinfect their toys. 

  8. I love RNG detergent and would love to try the dog house on my smelly kitty beds and blankets! It would also be great for carpet and toy clean ups!

  9. I would like to try the odor neutralizer and laundry soap!

  10. I want to try their new Femrock 

  11. Dog House Rock – Pet Bedding and Toy Detergent

  12. Melody Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Spray

  13. I’ve wanted to try their detergent for a long time.

  14. I would love to try the Lavender Mint Revival Hard Rock

  15. Your products sound wonderful 🙂

  16. I would like to get Water Quality Test Strip!

  17. I’d like to try the Lavender Mint Revival – Hard Rock.

  18. We’ve used the Classic Rock on cloth diapers for the human kids, but would LOVE to try the Dog House Rock for the furkids in our family! 

  19. jennifer bowen says

    i like all there rocks lol but heard rock would work the best for me.

  20. Nicole Sender says

    I’d like to try the Soft Rock Bundle Remix.

  21. I would love to try the hard rock bundle remix!

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