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Valentine's Day Giveaway

Whether we consider them our best friend or our fur kid, we all share a special relationship with our pet, and I’m guessing that most of us will buy our dog or cat a little Valentine’s Day treat or toy this year to show our adoration. For an even sweeter Valentine’s Day gift, here’s a chance to WIN a Coburn’s Exclusive handcrafted Modern Pet Feeder in Red for your pup or kitty. You’ll want to check out the story behind these elevated works of art and the man who creates them by going here to read my review of Coburn’s Exclusive Dog Feeders.

Win a Modern Dog or Cat Feeder in Red for Valentine’s Day!

Win a Modern Dog Feeder in Red for Valentine's Day!

Coburn’s Exclusive has generously offered to sponsor a very special Valentine’s Day Giveaway for us: The prize is a handcrafted Modern Dog or Cat Feeder in Red – up to $100 retail value depending on your pet’s height! Entering is easy with the Rafflecopter Widget below. Just follow the instructions and choose whichever entry methods you prefer. The more ways you enter, the better your odds of winning but it’s up to you! Make sure to Refresh your browser window if you have any trouble viewing the contest widget…and Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to head on over to Coburn’s Exclusive and browse their gallery of fabulous feeders! They are offering a special deal for all of Daisy’s pals and fans of our blog:

10% discount to all Woof Woof Mama readers!

Just enter promo code: WoofWoofMama2012 during check out!


  1. What I love most about my 2 wonderful dogs is how happy they are when I come home from work or from a trip. They act like I’m a celebrity or something and this is the best moment of their lives. It makes me feel very special and loved.

  2. Sue Vanden Berge says

    Sophie is just a sweetheart.  She will do anything to try and get a treat.  She will sit and lay down and try to shake, anytime, whether or not we have a treat.  

  3. I love our pet because even though she is older (10+) she is still playful and will run around like a puppy- and steal the kids toys. She is a lab.

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    I love our dod because she is just a great dog. She is tolerant of my grandson which is a plus in itself.

  5. Whenever I walk in the door my dogs are always glad to see me :  priceless!

  6. bill campbell says

    I love all my dogs because they have taught me unconditional love. I never had a pet growing up and I have 3 now and LOVE them. They get excited when I come home and always have a kiss no matter my mood. Great to have pets 🙂

  7. Awesome feeder and ty for all that you do for us and our furbabies

  8. I love sissy and sugar for all the love they give me

  9. Kelly Ann T. says

    I love both of my pets because they are so loyal, sweet and devoted to our family.

  10. olivia rubin says

    My service dog is my first dog ever and she has given me more than i can ever express in love, loyalty and consistency both as my dog and a service girl.

  11. Moe was a street kitty who we took in. She went from “homeless and pitiful” to “queen of the world” with the speed that only a cat can manage.

  12. I love when he comes sits next to me whenever I’m down

  13. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says

    I love my pet kitty who can purr so loud that I can hear him from across the room

  14. jodi lasher says

    Well, i love all my pets. They are just like my kids to me.. My dog’s are spoiled rotten but in return they love me and show loyalty every day.. My big baby brutis loves giving kisses and he listens the best. My kittens are a pain but i love them still… LOL.. Very crazy house with all the animals but i would not change it for the world

  15. Deb Anderson says

    My two fur babies are still kittens I adopted as strays. what I love is watching them play. They have boundless energy and curiosity.

  16. All four of my cats were throw-aways, but they are treasures to me.

  17. Kim (Contest KAO) says

    I have one dog & three cats – they can drive me crazy sometimes but they know when I have a bad day at work & cuddle with me!

  18. This is such a fun site. My 4 legged house mates think it is the best!!!!

  19. Cálaeb Temple says

    i love my rescued / adopted pets!

  20. MY dog is the best cuddler… and she always knows when I am sad!

  21. Nikki Elkins says

    I love that our two dogs are so spoiled and push us out of bed every night

  22. Jennifer Boehme says

    My dog Belle is always smiling. She makes me smile when I am down, and knows if I am sick, she keeps me going, and keeps my feet warm when I am watching tv, as she has to lay on my feet! She is my best friend!

  23. My family would not be the same without Speigel!! He is our “other” kid & he’s just so special & he seems to understand EVERYTHING we say, even spell out!!!  He smiles at everything, those little teeth & what he wouldn’t do for a doggie treat! He’s a great pet & loved very much. We wouldn’t take a million dollars for him!!!!

  24. My dog has giant ears. He is so funny.!

  25. I have two dogs. Honestly I was hesitant to get even one. We got Cali, she was timid and beaten by a previous owner… we worked through a lot with her and she fits right in. As soon as we got her, our neighbors left a bull mastiff next door to us and chained him to the deck. Another neighbor started feeding him. I was scared of him at first but he is such a big baby! We saw that he got along great with Cali and our kids and we fell in love with him! I love Cali’s sweet and cuddly side… she actually hugs … with paws! lol And I love that Eko is a gentle giant and gives me security but looks so sad but peppy at the same time. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  26. Sylvia Ortiz says

    What I love the most about my Maltese mix dog is his hind legs and fur; which makes him look like a little Teddy Bear (well, not that little! He’s the size of a Cocker-Spaniel – like his momma).

  27. Just saw this on your Pinterest Board!  OMD!!!!  Super excited.  Most of the feeders I have been seeing are plastic, not at all cute enough for my Diva Dog but these are sooo cute and diva-perfect.  LOVE!!

    What I like most about my Coco is that she is such a Diva.  Total rags to riches (well sort of) girl who just enjoys life.

    • So glad you found us on Pinterest! If you don’t win one or can’t wait, there is also a promo code for a discount in the post! Good Luck and Daisy sends kisses to Coco!

  28. I love the sweet nature of my boston terrier

  29. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    This is so cool.

  30. I’m entering for a neighbor kid. He has 2 dogs and a cat. I know he’ll love this!

    Anastacia Russell

  31. I love that our 60 pound Charlie thinks he’s a lap dog.

  32. Both of our dogs are rescue dogs who have become such a positive loving part of our family.

  33. I voted for you on picket fences but it would not let me post the link but here it is:

    You have just voted for Woof Woof Mama! Remember, you can vote every day. Undo Vote

  34. Jessi Greenmamajama says

    I have an adorable chihuahua. I love that she is so different from a lot of other chihuahuas and she is so great with my kids. She has never bit my children, or anyone else for that matter. Not your typical ankle biter!lol

  35. love this giveaway! i have an old dog that needs this sorta thing!

  36. I have 4 dogs actually, We got Casia whom I would give this to if I won for my neighbor her dog had passed away suddenly and she was heartbroken. You know the saying never get an animal for someone unless they say it is okay? Well, this was the lesson learned and that was about 16 years ago. My neighbor (who is like a mom to me) took one look at her and said how dare you! Then didn’t talk to me for a few months. So we had a new dog… she is american bull terrier, pit bull and blue healer, she looks like a mini rottweiler with blue healer spots . She  was so small when we got her she could sit upright under the coffee table. Now she can not even crawl under the coffee table! We named  her Casia because it means thorny, our daughter was about 4 years old and the puppy would grab her shirt from behind and rip it off her hahaha. Casia, has been the best dog I have ever known, she is very smart and learned an abundance of tricks including bang your dead.  She quickly became my sons dog and went everywhere with him. Her greatest joy is car rides and is always looking at us in that can I come too way. But she is an old girl now and it hurts too much to play. She is totally devoted to each and everyone of us and is not a pet she is a member of our family. She is having problems and we are going to have to say goodbye soon and that will be a very hard day.

    I have my daughters chihuahua/jack russell mix (SOOO CUTE!) she was a rescue and was rescued from the rescuer. I got her when my daughter moved into an apartment where she could not have her. And I have my own 2 chihuahua’s one is a pure and the other a mix. All our pets are rescues. I don’t believe in breeders or in breeding there are so many homeless animals that just need to be loved. They seem to me to be sweeter and more devoted because they had it so hard and appreciate the love  they get. 

  37. I love my “pets” – 3 dogs ( 2 Pugs and a Carolina Dog) foremost because of their unconditional love.
    I love my Service Dog (Plott Hound/Wemaraner Mix), because he has given me so much of “a life” back!
    Thank you so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  38. Jerri Davis says

    I Love the Friendly companionship and protection alarms my dog gives. Jerri Davis

  39. My best friend is my doggy “Tink”. She is a rat-chi (chihuahua-rat terrier mix). She’s the most awesome little
    friend I’ve ever had. We take her everywhere we go as our work requires us to travel. We bought a motorhome so that she can travel with us on vacation and not have to be boarded while we are out of the hotel room. If it doesn’t include her, it rarely happens. She’s just a little spoiled. 🙂

  40. I love my pets because they are my best friends and my children. They are always there for me and give me nothing but love..That’s what I love the most.

  41. I love my dog Danzig’s knowing, soulful eyes. There’s sweetness galore behind those eyes!!

  42. My adorable “boy” Atticus is just over a year old now. I adopted him from a local shelter and have fallen in love HARD! He’s such a handsome mutt but we have no idea what breeds he is from at all. People are constantly asking me what kind of dog he is and my favorite answer is, “He’s a happy dog!”. 

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would so love to get his food out of mix-and-match bowls. 🙂

  43. Sharon Gilbert says

    What I love most about my pets….Schooner a Vizsla was just 13 months old when we decided to adopt a rescue Vizsla.  His name is Skipper.  They are 7 months apart and they are the best of friends.  I love Schooner so much for be a best friend to Skipper and excepting him as his brother.  When they meet each other they took off running, playing and romping together.  Both Schooner and Skipper bring so much joy and love to me….they love to snuggle with me…they give me lots of kisses and hugs…they always greet me at the door when I come home from work wiggling their butts off.  They make my day everyday!!

  44. I have two rescued Jack Rusell Terriers and I love how they have put their previous bad life behind them and have learned how to trust and love unconditionally again.  They each have blossomed  in their own way and are living their little lives to the fullest!

  45. What I love most about Miles is his snuggles! He loves to cuddle up to you and snuggle as close as he can get, then makes happy grumbling noises. Of course, he’s over 60lbs, so he can’t fit all the way on a lap, but he tries! 

  46. Kellie Rose Wilson says

    I love how much my sweet Tinkerbell loves me..she showers me with kisses every morning and has the sweetest personality!!

  47. Absolutely love it as the poor poochies (3) would eat up off the ground!

  48. I have three small dogs and what I love most is that they’ve decided among themselves to split up and sleep in three beds at night.  The oldest rat terrier in our bed, the youngest rat terrier in my 3 year old’s bed, and the bichon in my 2 year old’s bed.  Snuggle time!

  49. jara Christensen says

    I love my frenchie Moose!  He makes the best little snorty monster noises.

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