Clean Your Pup’s Dirty Paws the Easy Way with Paw Plunger – Only $17!

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Paw Plunger for clean dog paws!

How have I NOT discovered this already!?! We do a pretty decent job cleaning Daisy’s dirty dog park paws with baby wipes and the Luv & Emma’s microfiber pet towel we keep hanging on the door knob…but sometimes she gets so dirty that a true paw washing is called for!

Today’s DoggyLoot deal addresses this issue with the Paw Plunger, starting at just $17! Just fill Paw Plunger with water up to the first row of soft cleaning bristles. Gently place your pup’s paw inside, and move the Paw Plunger up and down to scrub his paws. After plunging, dry his paws with a towel. Then pour out all the nasty dirt, mud, ice or salt and chemicals! Voila. Now you’ve got a clean, happy pup without messy paw prints all over the house.

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