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Visit the True BLUE Test page and check out the comparison grid to see how Blue Buffalo Dog Food stacks up against other leading brands. Below the test results, you’ll see the Get My Coupon button and have the opportunity to request a $5 Off Blue Buffalo Dog Food Coupon by mail! For cats, go here to request the $3 Off Blue Buffalo Cat Food Coupon by mail.

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  1. Nann Waters says

    To whom
    it concerns,

    We are Randy and Nann Waters, We have a Black Lab that is almost 10. She had allergies when she was young, Ever since we have her on Blue Buffalo she has made such an improvement.Actually, we have no children and got a cocker spaniel which our heart for 9 yrs and died instantly. then found these black lab puppies at a dump near our home. also, about 3 months later found a mixed breed dog beside road. so we lost cocker (Molly) which was our and found female lab(Hattie) and also beside road with her head busted open was (Daisy). Trying to take care of all of these precious pets, we love them, but gets rather expensive, we get Hatties food that HAS TO HAVE this type of food (Blue Buffalo) for her skin and hair comes out and gets very sick. Could you please send us some coupns for Hattie. We get her food from Petco in Statesboro Georgia. Please help. Claxton, Georgia 30417…. Thanks a million

    • Hi Nann,

      I post new coupons that you can print, whenever I find out about them, but Blue doesn’t give me coupons to send out directly. Watch out for the Petco $5 Off printable coupons that I post each month and use those along with the Petco PALS rewards vouchers that you get by shopping with them for your pet food. You can easily save $10 or more each month if you use those together! I’ll post more when I find them!

    • Prudence La Torraca says

      I was given a wonderful 5 year old maltipoo. All she did was scratch herself. My dark blue carpet was a sea of white hair. A friend told me to get Blue Buffalo dog food. Thank you!!!!!

      There was a 100% improvement.

  2. My husband and I have a 2 year-old german shephard who has allergies and we switched her to blue bufffalo and she is doing so much better. Coupons are definitely help especially when the dog food is so expensive. I really appreciate all the coupons that are posted. Thanks.

  3. kathy placencio says

    my cat gloria loves blue buffalo. i tried 2 feed her different cat food but she turned up her nose at it.then i bought blue buffalo and she was in paradise she sure knew what she wanted

  4. My 11 yo dachshund has just been diagnosed with Cushings.  What would be a good recipe to help keep her weight down and her energy up.  Also want to keep her coat and skin in good condition.

    I switched my rat terrier to small breed fish and brown rice formula ages ago and she is doing so good on it.– 

  5. I love blue buffelo it help my dogs health.I switched from Imas dog dog had a lot of digestive problems cause he’s getting older and was putting to much weight every since I switched To Blue Buffelo Turkey Healthy Weight his health is much better.My vet recommended it and I’m glad he did.I recommende it to others.I have an American Pitbull stairfire terrier blue nose he means the world to us we love him and he desires the best.we will continue with Blue dog food.Thank u.

  6. Blue is the best food ever I have a 7month olde English bulldog that has been on it since he was 7 weeks old and hasn’t had any problems at all

  7. I had adopted a cat that was very overweight and lethargic. His fur was not healthy looking.  I tried him on Blue Buffalo and he lost weight, his fur is beautiful and he started acting kitten like.  He was 10 years old at the time.  I highly recommend the Blue Buffalo.

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