Printable Wellness Pet Food Coupons for April!

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Printable Wellness Pet Food Coupons

As you probably know by now, Wellness has changed the format they use for printing the monthly $1 Off and $3 Off Coupons for Dog and Cat food. Each Wellness email subscriber gets a unique link valid for printing one coupon only. So it’s no longer possible for me to give you the shortcut links, but I will keep updating you with the monthly reminders since I’m asked about this frequently by readers! The links in this month’s Wellness email newsletter are valid until April 15th 2012 so make sure to print your coupon promptly. Coupons expire 20 days from the date you print your coupon.

If you are not already receiving the emails and Wellness Pet Food Coupons, you can signup here for a $5 Wellness Pet Food Coupon. If you prefer, you can visit Wellness Pet Food on Facebook and get the $5 Off printable coupon from their app.

Either way, once you have signed up, you’ll receive the monthly email newsletter with the $1 and $3 coupons…just remember to watch your inbox or even easier: keep an eye out for my reminders so you will know as soon as the new Wellness coupons are ready to print!


  1. The last email I got with the link for a coupon, was a bogus link, and required I input my cell phone number so as to prevent duplicate coupons, and in small print indicated I would be charged $9.99 monthly for some service, then they bombarded my cell phone with text messages. The email looked just like all the previous email I’ve received.

    • You must have stumbled upon a scammer trying to appear that they are Wellness. The links I provide have all been tested by me to make sure they work and are the ones I use to print coupons for Daisy’s food. Be sure to start from the Wellness official website…not one of the fake links you see all over when you do a Google search for Wellness coupons.

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