$36 For the Guaranteed Indestructible Varsity Ball Outdoor Dog Toy – Shipping Included!

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Varsity Ball

I’ll admit that when I first saw today’s offer at PETching, I wasn’t quite sure that $36 was a good deal for a ball. Then I saw the photos and read that the ball is 12 inches in diameter and weighs about 3.5 pounds. It’s also virtually indestructible and comes with a 110% Guarantee, meaning that if the ball breaks, Varsity Pets will replace it PLUS send you a check for 10% of your original purchase price!

The Varsity Ball offers a full-body work out for your dog. There are many ways your dog can play with the Varsity Ball, including pouncing on it, wrestling with it, or scooting it around with nose and paws. The rolling action of the ball keeps your dog engaged and playing. If you have two dogs, watch them get creative and play with it together. Bottom line, dogs love the Varsity Ball.

The Varsity Ball is meant for outdoor play and is made of a safe, non-toxic and durable material that will stands up to tough play and handling. Get it now for $36 at PETching and they will even throw in Free Shipping! This DOES turn out to be a great deal since it sells for $51.98 including shipping on the Varsity Pets website!


  1. Shirley Lauer says

    Hello, I was interested in ordering the Varsity ball from Petching, but had problems getting registered. I tried numerous times and it would not allow me to register. Do you know what I can do to contact them? Thanks so much.

    Sincerely, Shirley Lauer

    • Hi Shirley, Sorry you had trouble registering for Petching…I’m sure they want to know the details to fix it for next time! The email I have for them is info@petching.com and you can also tweet them on Twitter at @PETching_com. Let me know if you get through to them or if you need more help trying to reach them!

  2. I purchased a varsity ball and my Dobie would not have anything to do with it.  Put it on the ground and she pawed it twice.  Buyer beware  – this is a bit pricey after shipping and handling mine was a $65 mistake.  Their return policy is you pay for shipping and because my ball had two scratches they would not refund my purchase.  It is an extremely hard surface and of course a dogs nails are going to scratch the surface – I would imagine the minor scratches good be buffed out.  They will only return the purchase price if the ball was not used.   Hmm how do you know if the ball will be used if you don’t give them a chance to play with it.  I normally don’t write these types of reviews but really think that their return policy is more than ridiculous and truthfully I didn’t inspect the product to see if it came with any scratches.  I should also note that when shipped their return policy was not included – I had to request it.

    • So sorry to hear your Dobie didn’t enjoy hers. I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback to Varsity Pets. I know that several rescue shelters have commented that they love having them to keep their shelter dogs exercised and entertained, so if you aren’t able to return it, maybe you could donate it to one near you and use the charitable tax deduction. Thanks for your comments…I really do appreciate hearing from everyone since not all dogs like the same stuff and it might help someone else.

  3. I also purchased a varsity ball for my pitbull (not from this website though) and she chased after it for a few seconds but doesn’t seem interested in it. Is there anything I can do to get her like it?

    • Does she play well with other dogs? If so, take it to the park for a play date. Daisy likes to play with hers when there is another pal to chase it with. I usually kick and roll it around and then they start chasing and playing with it. Also check out the Varsity Ball Facebook page…other people who have one might have other tips on how to get the play started!

  4. I have a 7 year old, #100 Lab/Mastiff mix. She literally destroyed every ball or toy we gave for her. That is until we invested in the Varsity Ball. We bought it in 2015 and our girl Sandy still loves her ball. She loves to run the fence line with it and make our neighbor’s little dog jealous!

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