Survive the Dog Days of Summer with Earth Heart All-Natural Remedy Mists!

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 Dog Days of Summer

 Summer will be upon us before we know it, and with it comes all kinds of outdoor doggy fun, family road trips, beach romps and holiday celebrations! But for most pups summer also brings challenges in the form of scary fireworks and thunderstorms, itchy rashes and bug bites, and queasy car rides. Fortunately, we’ve been introduced to Earth Heart,  makers of all-natural aromatherapy remedy mists for dogs! Earth Heart remedy mists help provide relief to dogs suffering from stress, travel upsets, bugs and minor illnesses caused by environmental irritants.

EarthHeart Remedy Mists for Dogs

Earth Heart has a long-standing reputation for designing effective natural remedies using plant-based ingredients that help dogs live happier, healthier lives. Earth Heart mists are made in the USA, packaged in BPA free containers, easy to use, and can be sprayed directly onto cloth, skin or fur without staining or leaving a sticky residue. The mists are safe to use around the entire family and many humans report feeling positive effects when using the products with their dogs! Earth Heart currently comes in 4 formulas, each designed to address specific types of wellness needs for dogs: Guard Well, Canine Calm, Travel Calm and Buzz Guard.

Guard Well helps dogs find relief from environmental irritants.

We were invited to test and review the formula of our choice, and because of Daisy’s sensitive and rashy skin, we selected the Guard Well Remedy Mist. Guard Well natural remedy mist is specially formulated to help relieve itching, swelling, skin problems and other minor illnesses after exposure to lawn or pool chemicals, environmental irritants, dry air, viruses, bacteria, or long-term use of medications. It contains pure essential oils of niaouli, ravensare and frankincense, and is easy to use. Simply spray on fingertips to massage a dog’s outer ears or abdomen, lightly mist the dog’s favorite blanket or bedding, or spray directly onto irritated skin.

Daisy itchy grass

I’ve been rubbing it on Daisy’s belly before we go outside to play and she doesn’t seem to get as irritated  by the grass and other irritants that usually bother her. I also apply it before bed time because she sleeps with us and often wakes me up with her itching. It’s helped so far, and I really like the smell at bedtime, so it’s like aromatherapy for us all! We will definitely keep using this…especially before and after trips to the dog beach, and hiking trails!

Canine Calm helps dogs relax during stressful situations.

Canine Calm natural remedy mist can help soothe dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, parties, training, competitions, adoptions, holidays, bath time, grooming, and clinic or kennel visits. This formula contains pure essential oils, including bergamot, lavender and geranium, from plants traditionally used in remedies for relaxation. Simply spray on fingertips to massage a dog’s outer ears or abdomen, lightly mist the dog’s favorite blanket or bedding, inside a home or travel crate.

Travel Calm is a safe and healthy solution for travel shy dogs.

Travel Calm natural remedy mist is specifically formulated to help dogs find relief from restlessness and stomach upset during all forms of travel. Travel Calm contains pure essential oils for relaxation and essential oil of ginger, which is a proven natural remedy for stomach upset. The product is easy to use by spraying directly onto a dog’s crate bedding or clothing, inside the car, or massaged onto the dog’s outer ears or abdomen.

Buzz Guard helps improve your dog’s comfort during outdoor activities.

Buzz Guard natural mist (sold as Outdoor Care in Canada) helps improve your dog’s outdoor comfort during activities such as walking, camping, hiking, boating, dog sports training and competition…and just having a good time in the great outdoors. Created with safe and healthy pure essential oils and neem seed oil, it has been favorably field-treated in a variety of settings, from woodlands to wetlands, and shown to be effective in improving your dog’s outdoor comfort during daytime and evening hours. Spray onto hands to massage a dog’s outer ears, back of head, abdomen, legs and tail, or spray on a bandana placed around the dog’s neck.

To help you and your dog better survive the Dog Days of Summer, Earth Heart is offering a special deal for followers of Woof Woof Mama. Assemble your ‘Dog Days of Summer – Survival Kit’ by selecting 3 or more products from the Earth Heart website. Enter the code WoofWoofSummer at check out to receive your $11.98 discount (that’s one FREE product with your online order of 3 or more products). Offer good between now and Memorial Day. (Be sure to order by May 15th to guarantee delivery in time for the holiday weekend).

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Disclosure: We received a free Guard Well natural remedy mist to test and review for this post. We were not compensated in any way and all opinions are our own.


  1. We could really use this for our lab! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I don’t have a dog, but this would be super handy if I did! I know a few people who would love this 🙂

  3. I guess dogs need to relax during summer too!

  4. love these for my puppy.  Such great prizes out there.

  5. Wow…we def. need to try this. My Golden gets car sick so she doesn’t get to go on too many trips!

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