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Does your pet have suspicious symptoms or odd behaviour? Don’t just search the web randomly or you will totally stress yourself out! We’ve all been there, done that…either for our pets, our human kids or ourselves! If you want to know whether your dog’s symptoms are serious and when you should call the vet, visit PetMD’s Pet Symptom Checker for informative, helpful, veterinarian approved articles.

Using PetMD is free and super easy. Designed for both cats and dogs, you can search from over 2,000 dog and cat health articles based on the symptoms your pet is experiencing. You start by selecting the type of animal you have and then the body part or behavior you are concerned about. You check off the symptoms and then see relevant articles with information tailored to your search!

This is handy and ideal for non life-threatening situations or to learn more about your pet’s medical condition but is NOT a substitute for individual veterinarian advice, diagnosis or assistance. A pet emergency could happen any time, so please make sure to have the phone number and address of  YOUR local 24-hour Pet Emergency Center or Veterinary Hospital handy at all times. We have the numbers on our fridge and also programmed them in our phones. In case of possible poisoning, you should call ASPCA 24-hour Emergency Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.


  1. When do you really know it is time to put your dog down of seventeen years, at night it’s worse he trembles in his sleep and jerks real hard it is almost like he is having a seziures but this is what happens when he sleeps all the time he whimpers and whines through out the day he walks back and fourth back and fourth through the house at least 5 times a day . I am having a hard time telling my family that I think it’s time to put him down , but there argument and denial is look he eats normal and his stools are normal , with the exception he is always drinking alot of water, I myself have arthritis and a lot of back pain so I know discomfort, my gut feeling tells me it’s time, any inutor advice you have is really much appreciated , I thank you and so does radar.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Elena. Such a difficult situation, have you spoken with your veterinarian? He or she could probably help you determine the quality of life your dog is experiencing and help counsel you on how to make a decision and even speak to the rest of your family with you about it. I know that there are often also local resources and support groups the vet’s office can tell you about to help you and your family through the process, especially if you have younger kids. Hugs to you and your family, and especially to your sweet dog!

  2. normalsstrange says

    I have an American bulldog and he’s pooping soft with spots of blood.  He is really tired he is only a year old. He hasn’t gotten up he looks droopyy I wanna get an idea of what it could be before I take him to the hospital. 

  3. laura miller says

    I have a shitzu with foul smelling urine, drinking a lot and now has begun weezing. Oh yes both of my dog have seasonal allergies. Recently stopped chewing themselves. Just got 2 days ago got axkitten and thats when she started weezing.

  4. Sally Caplan says

    I have a 10 yr.old toy Maltese who was rescued from Taiwan.she has been doing extremely well untii yesterday,when I noticed a small,what seemed like a small bruise on her back,by today this has grown much,much larger.any suggestions?? 

  5. My cat has sore all around her neck. what can cause this and what can fix it?

    • Poor kitty! I’m not trained to give medical advice, Christy, I just posted about the Pet Symptom Checker so pet parents would know about it. Did you click through to the link and try finding some info there? Hope your cat is better soon!

  6. Brenda Harris says

    My dog is a PalmaWawa of 15 yrs old.. she has a cough that is constant and it makes her labor or breath & energy… I have tried meds from the wrong but they just don’t seem to make a difference & they are expensive$$ can you give me some holistic ideas to help make her comfortable

    • I’m so sorry your dog is having such trouble! Our Daisy had terrible kennel cough when we adopted her from the shelter, and our vet suggested steam. We let the shower run with hot water until the bathroom was nice and steamy and then sat in there with her…it definitely helped (she also had antibiotics). Maybe also get a humidifier. Wishing you and your sweet dog all the best!

    • Brenda Harris says

      I meant to say.. labors FOR breath.. & the Vet Meds are expensive..Please let me know if it’s just old age or if there is any way to help make her comfortable

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