Wordless Wednesday: Daisy Recovering from a BIG Case of The Zoomies!

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Biggest case of Zoomies, ever!
Gotta catch my breath!

Almost recovered.

What are you looking at?

That was fun! I'm ready to do it again!


Does you dog get “The Zoomies”? Leave a comment and let us know. Glad you stopped by…see you next week!


  1. Hahaha! My dog is named Daisy, too…and she gives me that same face as picture #1 sometimes, too. Silly dogs!


  2. Your dog is so darn cute. I just want to hug and squeeze her.

  3. Awww…mine actually got the “zoomies” last night and tried to ZOOM out the front door!! We decided to take them out to the backyard and run around a little bit. Daisy is so adorable!!

  4. I just adore Daisy and love seeing her pics and reading about her antics! I have a question…I’m sorry if you mentioned it before and I missed it…but does Daisy have a problem with her eyes since they are often red? Bless you for rescuing her. That picture you showed made me cry!

  5. My puppy actually zooms far away from me whenever he sees my camera….
    Your Daisy is so cute!!

  6. I can never get my dogs to stay still for the camera. They always get so excited, especially Balto he starts jumping and spinning!

  7. HAHA, love your dog! Our’s looks at me real mean and then closes her eyes LOL

  8. Stetson is older now, but every once in a while he still gets the zoomies.  I love watching him sprint around the house with his butt tucked in…so cute.

    Happy Wednesday!

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