FREE Pet Food Sample: Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost for Dogs and Cats!

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natures variety free pet food sample

Snag a FREE pet food sample from Nature’s Variety and try their new Instinct Raw Boost. It’s a grain-free kibble that combines the convenience of dry pet food with the benefits of raw food for dogs and cats!

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a dog food for my small 1 year old dog. She does not care for dry dog food. We usually have to mix all dry with some kind if gravy based food. Any suggestions to encourage her to eat?

    • It can take some experimenting. I would also check with your veterinarian just to rule out any health issues related to lack of appetite, and to make sure you aren’t trying to over-feed. The vet can tell if your dog is over or under weight. If your pup is just fussy, then I would keep adding some wet food or pet gravy to her dry food. We add water to Daisy’s kibble and she seems to like that. When she gets fussy, I’ll pour some of the water from a can of tuna over her dry food.

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