Wordless Wednesday: Who Controls the Remote at Your House?

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Daisy remote control, dog on sofa


Wordless Wednesday Pet Blog Hop


  1. Looks like she’s thinking “If you think you’re gonna get it, you’re freaking crazy” LOL!!

  2. Wow good job. We don’t even get to touch the remote.

  3. I usually like to sleep on the remote and watch my mum go crazy trying to find it, or better yet when the channel changes and she does not know why! he, he.

  4. Alright, hubs gets the remote until he falls asleep and then I get to sneak in my Nick at Night!!

  5. My dogs and I would like to think we control the remote but honestly it’s the hubby, when it comes to sports being on TV we lose out. But, it looks like someone else might be in charge at your house!

  6. Cute picture. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  7. Woof! Woof! YES! stop watching TV n play with me. Happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Oh, I want a puppy. What a gorgeous, gorgeous little one!!

  9. sooooo stinkin’ cute!!!

  10. Hahaha! Too cute! Simba doesn’t care about the remote…he’d rather steal everyone’s socks! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  11. So cute!

    I think if Rita controlled the remote we’d always be watching animal shows. Or… she’d turn it off and make us play with her! (I suppose that’s probably a good idea, huh?)

    Stopping by from the WW hop!

  12. I have to hide it on the mantle so my sons won’t get it. But when the hubs is at home he thinks he is the remote king

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