Nap Time Is The Best Time!

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cute photo of dog taking a nap on the sofa

As far as most dogs are concerned, nap time is one of the highlights of the day…just about tied with dinner time and play time! Which one is your dog’s favorite time???

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  1. well as much as ozzy loves a good nap, he REALLY loves a good dinner!

  2. Nap time is really important in our house and so is anything food related however walks and car rides are the top two activities that get Boomer and Dottie going.

  3. Nap time is always great.

  4. Nap time is a wonderful, wonderful time.  But I think Bru enjoys PLAY time more since he naps on and off all day!  It’s hard to get moving with a playful pup after work hours!  Happy Blog Hop!

  5. Nap time, which comes every hour or so, is the best!

  6. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    Daisy looks so cute sleeping!
    Casey’s favorite time of the day is walk time, followed by food time!

  7. I highly agree!!

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