Buy Dry Dog Instant Clean Spray and Get Dog Smog Remedy for $1.99

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Score a great deal on this natural spa duo for dogs from HappyTails! Buy Dry Dog Instant Clean spray and get Dog Smog for $1.99. You’ll save $12 and enjoy pampering your pooch with these natural dog grooming products.

Daisy has been using the Dry Dog spray since we scored some a while back on a different deal (on doggyloot I think) and we like it so much, I gave some to her boyfriend Fin, too! You can use the Dry Dog spray all over your dog instead of a bath when you are in a hurry during the week, or just use it like we do to clean Daisy’s paws and keep her from tracking dirt all over the carpet when we come in from the park. Either way, it smells GREAT and is mess-free!

Dog Smog usually sells for $14 but you get it for only $1.99 when you order it with Dry Dog Instant Clean spray and use HappyTails promo code LOVEYOURPET2013 at checkout. Dog Smog Remedy gives you the power to quell the nasty smells coming from both ends of your dog: bad breath AND gas. The all natural formula contains peppermint and fennel which refresh your dog’s mouth but it’s more than just a breath freshener; Dog Smog Remedy gets to the guts of the problem with papain and bromelain. These plant based enzymes help improve digestion providing a long-term solution to an embarrassing problem. I don’t know if they are joking, but the web page says it also works on husbands, too! I think many of us can relate to that!!!

Visit HappyTails Canine Spa to checkout these and more all-natural pet wellness and grooming products.

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