FREE Online Craft Classes: Cake Decorating, Quilting, Knitting + More!

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Since I know you all love free stuff as much as I do, and many of you are DIY and craft-enthusiasts, I wanted to let you know about a bunch of FREE online courses you can snag right now from Craftsy.

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Top Free Mini Craft Courses

If you haven’t signed up for a full-length course yet, Craftsy’s mini-courses are a perfect way to learn new skills and experience the Craftsy platform first-hand. Options include:

  • Know Your Wool: Do you wonder where your yarn comes from? Learn about different types of wool and the individual characteristics of each.
  • The Hand-Painted Cake: Elevate your cake with freehand painting techniques. Create beautiful and edible works of art with Erin’s tips and tricks.
  • Creative Quilt Backs: Make the back of your quilt just as interesting as the front! Find out everything you need to know to make beautiful quilt backs.
  • Modern Buttercream: Learn to use buttercream like a pro! Discover the tricks and tips to construct and create a beautifully finished buttercream cake.
  • Short Rows: Don’t fall short because you find short rows intimidating! Learn four different techniques to creating short rows, and discover how they can make shaping a knitted garment a snap.

I’ve already taken a full-length knitting course, and think the next 2 free Craftsy mini-courses I’m going to take are:

1.  Short Rows
2. Hand-Painted Cakes

Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.

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