Win a Pet Shade Canopy Bed and Have the Coolest Dog Around!

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portable pet shade canopy

Keep your dog cool and comfy all summer long with this portable pet shade from QuikShade Pets. Daisy tested hers out recently at the park and we could tell she really enjoyed having her own little bit of shade…and we loved how easy it is to carry and set up! You can read this QuikShade review post for photos and more details. The winner of this giveaway will receive a Small (24″ x 24″) or Medium (24″ x 36″) pet shade canopy bed from QuikShade!

Win a Portable Pet Shade Canopy Bed for Your Dog!

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  1. Tina Harris says

    Probably out on the patio :0) We have 4 dogs and they’d all try to fit on one :0) 

  2. My lab Kayla would use it in our yard by the pool and at the beach in NC when we’re on vacation for 2 weeks each year.

  3. Jennifer Keeton says

    My babies would use this when I am gardening in the back yard.

  4. Winston will use his out on the deck–he loves lying out there in the summer and this would offer some much needed shade for him!

  5. My dog would LOVE this! He loves to be outside but here in TX the heat gets pretty unbearable in mid july/august! This would be perfect for him to use in our backyard during the day!

  6. Kelly Ann T. says

    We will be using it when we go to various events this summer, including yappy hour and the pool party.

  7. My fur babies would use this on our deck. 

  8. Dawn Diehl says

    I have a feeling all 4 of my rescues would try to fit on it, no matter where we put it

  9. Natasha Ulela-Lynn Gunkel says

    We have 4 retriever mixes that would LOVE this! They are massive creatures of comfort and would lounge on this all day!

  10. I would love to win

  11. I would use this on the patio or on vacation 🙂

  12. Jamie S. says

    Out on the patio with mom and dad!!

  13. Chelsea Place says

    Bet my pup would love lounging in this! Cool and comfortable!

  14. Sherry Dornblaser says

    We have an English Bulldog who gets very hot easily.  This would be perfect at grandmas house on her patio.  A good retreat for when he visits and wants to stay cool.

  15. My sheltie will be using this on our patio!

  16. My dog would use this out on our deck!

  17. Valerie Simko says

    Cooper would get SO MUCH use out of this canopy while accompanying Mama to watch Papa’s softball games all summer AND fall long!

    • He must be very good if he watches the game instead of running out onto the field to chase the ball! I know that’s what Daisy would do! LOL

  18. Ill would to use this for my dog when i meet up my boyfriend for lunch at outdoor restaurants

  19. Amy Orvin says

    My dogs will use this when we travel.

  20. Ethelind Calderon says

    This would be pawfect for my patio. Leo loves to chill outside but lately is just too hot:(

  21. George would love this…thanks!

  22. This would go next to my lounge chair.

  23. Sandra K321 says

    Scooter would love this in the front yard so he could lounge comforably and watch everyone go by.

  24. Deborah Tabor says

    I have a doberman so this would be too small for her,  but perfect for our beagle/mix to share with our other dog who’s a chihuahua (they cuddle all the time). We spend a lot of time in our yard tending to the chickens, ducks and goats and too sunny for the beagle & chihuahua to hang out with us. Winning this pet shade would be the answer to their prayers. We’d set up next to the outdoor furniture. 🙂

  25. Michelle C says

    In the backyard.

  26. our dog would use it our on our deck in the back yard. I think the cat might like it too.

  27. weekends at the lake

  28. Oh I love these! I saw them on your site the other day and marked the link to buy one. Winning one would be even better! 🙂

  29. I love this! It would be perfect for our dog, Piper, to use one our pool deck. She loves hanging out with us but there’s really not any shade in that space so it’s often too hot for her. 

  30. Holly Thomas says

    Abbie would use right by the pool!!

  31. Theresa Spaid says

    They can sit out in the back yard and enjoy the nice weather

  32. Right outside my front door is a perfect spot for this.

  33. Otis would use this out on the patio. He loves being outside, but he gets overheated easily.

  34. when they go with us to baseball games and also in the back yard after they get out of the pool and want to stay in the shade.

  35. Linda Szymoniak says

    We have a large deck, but it doesn’t have any shade.  My dogs LOVE lounging on the deck, but get too hot.  This would be perfect for them!

  36. Kelly in Oregon says

    Hi!  We camp a lot and we’re taking a long road trip to the south this summer.  My Pacific Northwest dogs are not used to the heat, so they would get a ton of use out of this!!!

  37. Amanda H says

    At the beach, park or in our back yard, she would love this!

  38. Diane Rose says

    My dog would use this in our backyard where he already climbs up on our lounge chairs.  He would have his own place to sit and enjoy the yard.

  39. Christine Aiello says

    We would be using it in grandma’s backyard so she can sit outside and relax by the pool in the shade when she doesn’t want to be swimming.  She can still be with us at least if she doesn’t want to be in the pool with us.

  40. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    Awesome!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Angel Roeder says

    Our Cairn Walter would love having this shade bed to take on our camping trips!

  42. will use it in the backyard when we are gardening

  43. larrielle says

    Bentley would use this for meetups we have that are outdoors 

  44. Cheryl Chervitz says

    This would be great at our new house on the patio, it gets the morning sun.  Thanks for the chance.

  45. My Abby is 9 and would love lay on our back patio on one of these. It would be nice for her old joints.

  46. Danielle Porter says

    Samantha will use it in our backyard! 🙂

  47. Mallory H. says

    Our new deck/yard! We just moved to a house for the FIRST time ever! No more condo!!!

  48. Danielle Murgia says

    Sissy would use it when I am working outside.

  49. I would definitely use this on my deck. My “Beau” (short for “Beaudacious” – Female Boxer) would love this for shade in the South’s sweltering heat.

  50. My dog would use this anywhere we go this summer, beach, dog park etc, great canopy.

  51. sandy weinstein says

    i would put it in my dog pen for the 2 girls

  52. golden storm says

    I would use it in our yard so my dog can stay outside with me in the warmer months,,she gets hot quick and I normally have to bring her in

  53. Great products gets hot here and this is perfect!

  54. laurie nykaza says

    This would be perfect on my front porch when we’re outside gardening for her to lay in

  55. The deck!

  56. Shelbie Johnston says

    I would use it in the front yard, where Bella and I play all summer 🙂

  57. Lexi could use this in the back yard after she gets out of the pool.

  58. I think mostly at home… but it would be interesting to try at agility trials!

  59. Robert Pyszk says

    My dog will use this on our patio.  This is so neat I never knew that something like this existed ! 😀

  60. Out on the carport for them to watch the ducks.

  61. my husky/lab puppy LOVES sitting outside, usually in the dirt lol- this would be great for him, especially in the summer months when its so hot for his furry coat.   love you daisy!!  🙂 

  62. courtney south says

    On the patio most definitely!! They love being outside and hanging out!!

  63. Brittany C. says

    Our dog would use it out in our yard!

  64. Jason Diehl says

    in their kennels outside

  65. Vicki Furrin (on r/copter form) says

    If we win it, Vix will get to use it out on the back patio.  

  66. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    On the front porch.  There is no shade and that is where the girls like to lay when we let them out.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  67. Shelley P says

    The dogs would use it on the backyard patio.

  68. Stephanie Phelps says

    On our deck and when we go camping

  69. My girls will have to take turns using this at home and when we go on vacation! The only question is who gets first dibs?!?

  70. Katie Amanda says

    Rocket would lay on it on the back porch which overlooks the cow pasture.  He loves to lay and watch the cows.  My pittie mix is a farm dog. 🙂 

  71. My GIzmo will love this bed!

  72. Rhonda S. Tenderholt says

    On the back patio or on camping trips.  Thank you so much woof woof mama and Daisy.

  73. Amy Sanford says

    In the back yard. He would love it! 

  74. I would use this on vacation and at home on sunny days.  This looks awesome.

  75. Marti Parks says

    I would put this on the back porch for my dog.

  76. Danielle E. says

    Wilson would use it on the patio and when we travel

  77. We are in search for a new outdoor bed/cot and this is PAWferect. We entered your giveaway. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  78. Tammy Horn says

    On the patio, but only when we are outside with them. They only spend time out if we are out together. 🙂

  79. Abby Kraynick says

    I would use this when my Dogs go visit their Grandma, She is always outside gardening and they like to be out there with her and this would be GREAT to give them some shade. 

  80. Sandy McFadden says

    My Xena would use it on our back patio deck or our front yard.

  81. My dog would love to use this on our patio or in the yard 🙂

  82. My Pitty Dolly is starting to dig to stay cool out by the patio so I have been watching for a sale but I haven’t seen one with a canopy until now. This would be so great for me in Florida.

  83. Rachel could sit out front with us where there is no shade during the hot afternoon sun!

  84. brandi hawn says

    our dog would use this out on the front porch, she loves going outside with the kids when they are playing 🙂

  85. Lee Ann Cameron says

    I will put it on the back patio…he will love this…of course with 2 dogs …I will have to buy a second one lol but they are pretty nice looking.

  86. If we win this canopy bed, Oskar will use it on our camping trips.

  87. Tina Lindstrom says

    My lab would love it anywhere I put it!

  88. Sharon Gilbert says

    On our boat and our patio!

  89. Kimberly Schotz says

    This would be perfect for the patio

  90. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    He would use this in our backyard, this is a great idea. 

  91. Susan Broughton says

    Our dog Ollie is a roamer of the backyard.  This would be a comfortable, shady, bed that he could rest in on the patio till he makes his next round.

  92. Christina Tong says

    My dog Bagel will use the Canopy bed on the Patio where he can rest as he loves to stay and play with us in the back yard.

  93. out on picnics!

  94. we’re still rebuilding our home from hurricane sandy damage, and one of the things we lost in the storm was desmond’s outdoor bed for our yard. i just know this one would make him forget all about the one he already had! 🙂

  95. My dog will use it out on the lawn or the deck

  96. They would use it to lounge on the patio and when traveling 

  97. They would use it to lounge in the backyard.  My dogs would love this.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  98. Isis Sample says

    Our dog will use this when he goes to competition 🙂

  99. katrina kissinger says

    this would be cool to have when me and my boyfriend take my dog camping with us this summer

  100. Kimberly Colville says

    At the lake!  It will be perfect!

  101. What an awesome idea. I’ve been wanting to get a swing for the deck so I could cuddle up with one of the dogs but I had no idea they made them specifically for dogs. Woot woot!!

  102. stephanie bryant says

    camping he would love it

  103. Outside in the back yard, summers in Upstate NY are terribly hot!

  104. Lisa Ingram says

    I would use this pet shade canopy bed when we travel or even outside on the patio on hot summer days.

  105. Christy McMahon says

    My dog would use it on our trips to the Orchard! 

  106. I do a lot of craft shows & street fairs that I would love to bring my dog to, but I would hate to have her on hot pavement all day, so she usually ends up staying home. She’s my partner in crime, my business partner, and my service dog(chronic migraine with persistent aura). With this, she would be able to come with me to every show, and I wouldn’t worry about her being uncomfortable. What a great idea!

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