Wordless Wednesday: Daisy’s Ruff Day at Work

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Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day, but since I work from home, Daisy is always at the office with me anyway. Here’s just an average morning…you can see she is hard at work guarding the remote control so I don’t goof off while I’m on the clock!

Daisy at work

hardly working

big yawn

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  1. What a conscientious dog!

  2. Being cute is the hardest job of them all! She needs her rest… I hope you’re keyboard is nice and quiet so as to not disturb her. 😉

  3. Looks familiar – my two do the same most mornings while I’m working.

  4. Just working so hard there it looks like it’s time for a nap! Happy Wednesday!

  5. What a hard working pooch!

    It’s a good thing you have her around to help keep you on task

  6. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    Simply adorable. You are truly lucky that Daisy can be with you while you work. I miss Casey so much while I’m at the office.

  7. You are VERY lucky to have a guard on the premises! I might need to borrow her!

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