Wordless Wednesdays: Daisy’s Den

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Daisy’s crate has become like an apartment with all her stuff in there. She’s got a bed and blankets and toys but she really needs a nice curtain on the side to block out the sun when she naps during the day!

sunny crate
daisy sleeping in her crate
dog crate sleeping in favorite position

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wordless wednesday pet photos


  1. Surely there are NOT enough toys in that crate!  I have about 7 toys in my crate and another 17 spilling out all over the floor in front of the crate.  (My name is Oz and I am a hoarder.)  If Ma puts any of them back in the toy box, I just go get them and put them right back where she found them.

    • LOL! I’d just cleaned up but usually Daisy’s toys are all over her crate, the floor, her other bed, our bed and even out on the patio! 

  2. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    Just when I thought I’ve seen the cutest pictures of Daisy – you post these. SOOOOOoooo cute!

    • Awww, thanks! I think she looks like a little pot bellied piggy when she sleeps on her side like that! LOL

  3. that is so sweet! Pleasant dreams!

  4. Slimdoggy says

    Daisy is such a cutie. I think you can fit a few more toys in there.

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