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Healthy Elements Natural Dog Food at Target

There’s a brand new line of natural dog food and treats available exclusively at Target. It’s called Healthy Elements and to help spread the word about the launch, they’re giving our readers a chance to WIN a huge variety pack of their dry and canned foods plus soft and crunchy treats! The lucky pup and their parents will also receive a $50 Target Gift Card to stock up on more Healthy Elements and pick up a few toys while you’re in the pet department, too!

About Healthy Elements:

Healthy Elements brings together the nutritional essentials your dog needs to thrive. Each recipe contains natural ingredients with no fillers, meat by-products, artificial colors or flavors, plus daily nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The line includes dry dog food, wet dog food plus both moist and crunchy dog treats, and is available exclusively at select Target stores.


Connect with Healthy Elements Online:

Website & Store Locator:

healthy elements target

WIN a $50 Target Gift Card + Healthy Elements Prize Pack including:

2 Bags of Healthy Elements Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food
1 Pack of Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks in Chicken & Cranberry Recipe
1 Pack of Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks in Lamb & Apple Recipe
1 Pack of Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks in Fish & Blueberry Recipe
1 Pack of Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Chicken & Carrots Recipe
1 Pack of Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Salmon & Apples Recipe
2 Cans of Healthy Elements Lamb & Rice Recipe Wet Dog Food
2 Cans of Healthy Elements Turkey & Rice Recipe Wet Dog Food
2 Cans of Healthy Elements Beef & Rice Recipe Wet Dog Food

Total prize value including Target Gift Card is $120 and one lucky winner gets it all!

This giveaway runs thru September 2nd, 2013, is open to US residents age 18+ and uses the Rafflecopter Widget for FAST & EASY ENTRY! There are many OPTIONAL entry methods to give you additional chances to win, but just choose the ones you want. Email addresses and other info are only used to verify and contact the winner. Rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone. All entry methods are subject to verification. Please make sure you provide all required information or your entries won’t count!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Void where prohibited by law and not associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram in any manner. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. This post is sponsored by Healthy Elements Pet Food. I received compensation for hosting and promoting the giveaway.


  1. This prize pack will go to Shadow, age 12, who will probably like the Healthy Elements Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food!

  2. Our dog Molly is 10+, we are not sure because she was a rescue. She would like the Soft Snacks in Chicken & Carrots Recipe.

  3. Siren, Beagle-Terrier Mix, approx. 3 years old

  4. My pooches love just about anything! They aren’t picky in the least! With a Rottweiler, pom cross and Papillion to feed we go through a lot of food!

  5. My dogs name is Albert and he is 12weeks old he would love all the treats 🙂

  6. Mr. Gatsby and Hattie Mae would LOVE all the different treats that come in this prize. They would also love to donate the dog food to their local shelter for all the dogs that don’t have a family yet 🙂

  7. Whiskey, 18 weeks, Lab and he would absolutely love all the treats. We can’t seem to keep treats stocked in the house.

  8. Tanya White says

    My dogs name is cainand he is 2 years old.

  9. Dorothy Parungao says

    My dogs are on a special diet, but, if I win this, I will be donating the food to a local no-kill shelter.

  10. Tina Lindstrom says

    I have two girls, Pinky and Molly. They would love all the treats.

  11. My Shih Tzu is a little over a year old. Her name is Lucy Diamond. 🙂

  12. Dexter is a Vizsla/Pointer mix, and he will be three next month! I think he will like the lamb & apple crunchy treats the best.

  13. laurie nykaza says

    our dogs would love this abby 7 max 7 maddie 5 all rescues and 4 cats too we love our fur babies and donate to rescues and support our local shelter too!

  14. laurie nykaza says

    when i came back to the page it looked as if i had not entered so i don’t know if others are having problems too?

  15. Michelle Weaver says

    Mattie and Mia are both huskies 8 years old!

  16. Blessie Nelson says

    My baby is Champion and he is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. He would love Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food! He loves Lamb!

  17. 2 Dogs – Pepper is 5 and Fonzie is 3 .

  18. This will be for my 2 year old pit bull named Prada. I think she will love the Lamb and Apple Recipe of the Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks!!

  19. Darlene Owen says

    I have 2 black labs – 4 years old each – Harley and Lady – I think they would like the Pack of Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks in Lamb & Apple Recipe.

  20. My 2 yo English setter Dolce loves birds so naturally she’d love chicken and oatmeal

  21. Olivia Rubin says

    I am keeping the giftcard and will give the food my friend. She feeds Beneful and I keep urging her to change foods. This would be such a great health benefit for her dog. We are thriving on Acana.

  22. Jody Sisson says

    My dogs name is Apollo, he is 11 and would like the Healthy Elements Lamb & Rice Recipe Wet Dog Food.

  23. Kelly Ann T. says

    Artie and Kouga would love the Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Chicken & Carrots Recipe. Artie is 3 and Kouga is 7. They are both large mixed breed rescue dogs who are the furkids in the family.

  24. Our 3 dogs, 2 English springer spaniels Maverick 7 and Kristy 11 and our black & tan coonhound puppy Roxy 5 months would enjoy these. They would like the lamb and apple recipe.

  25. Melissa Hartley says

    My doggy brother Sidney will love the wet beef/rice dog food best & he adores treats:) He is an almost 7 year old Beagle .. thanks!

  26. Theresa Spaid says

    My dogs are Kota 13, Kita 11, Shunta 10.  They like any food or snack.  Since they really like chicken, I’ll go with that.

  27. Our dog Diamond is a 7 mo old beagle and she would love this prize pack. She is a chow hound.

  28. Danielle Murgia says

    Sissy is a corgi/ cocker spaniel mix and she’d love to try the lamb flavor.  It is one of her favorites.

  29. This prize pack would be shared between my two dogs: Blackie is a 12 year old black lab mix and Maverick is a 2 year old yellow lab mix. They get hard dog bones as snacks so I think they would love the Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Salmon & Apples Recipe best because of the softness and the smell…fish!

  30. Linda Szymoniak says

    My five Treeing Walker Coonhounds would just LOVE this prize.  I think they’d like the treats the most. 

  31. Lady Anastasha, aka Tasha, a very opinionated almost 13-year-old Shih Tzu would definitely appreciate this package!

  32. Christina Tong says

    I wish my 8 years old Bagel will be lucky to win this great prize pack. I think he would like all the healthy snacks, the items he likes the best are Crunchy Snacks in Lamb & Apple, Soft Snack is Chicken & Carrot and also he likes Beef & Rice Wet Dog Food too.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  33. golden storm says

    the lucky dog who would get this would be my black lab nika

  34. We have Ruggy and Recon. Ruggy is older around 10 and Recon is around 2 or 3. Both are rescue dogs and we love them to death!! They both love soft snacks so I know they will both love the giveaway. Thanks.

  35. katherine tino says

    Our 7yr old Bella would love the chicken & carrot soft snacks .

  36. Chloe, black lab, 8 months, and I think she will love the 1 Pack of Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Salmon & Apples Recipe!

  37. Thomas Bellamy says

    Biscuit is the lucky dog, who is 2 years old.

  38. Christine Aiello says

    My dog is a 7 year old cocker spaniel named Coco.  She would love the beef and rice wet dog food.  

  39. Kim Henrichs says

    Hamish! I think would love the beef and rice.

  40. The prize will be shared between 3 doggies. Zeke who is 5, Mandy JoJo who is 4 and Peanut Butter who is 3. I think they would love the Lamb Meal and Brown Rice. 

  41. my chihuahua lily which is four would be the lucky reciever and she would like the salmon treats

  42. The lucky dog in my life’s name is Thorne and she is a 5 month old rat terrier. I think she’d love the chicken and brown rice wet food

  43. The prize pack would be for my 16 year old Min Pin Cosmo Kramer.  He loves the Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Chicken & Carrots Recipe.

  44. Gloria Walshver says

    My dog is named  Rocky  he is 3 years old he’d like the Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food

  45. Cassie Korando says

    My beagle, Mouse, is 3 years old and would love the Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Chicken & Carrots Recipe! Actually, he’d like all of it, but you said to pick one. 🙂

  46. The dog’s name is Millie. Shell really go for the Crunch Chicken snacks!

  47. My 10 year old Westie, Lulu, would love the lamb and apple crunchy snack!

  48. Challenger the german shepard who is 5 years old and will enjoy the crunch chicken snacks.

  49. Mike is my parents 11 year old ‘hot-dog’, he’ll love the Beef & Rice wet food the best.

  50. Bailey Eileen Parr says

    My granddog’s name is Ellie, she’s not quite a year old.  She’s just the cutest boxer ever!

  51. HIs name is Louie. and he is 2 1/2. (but shhhhh…he doesn’t think he is a dog) 😉 Louie is a Maltese.

  52. Our puppy Kayco and our other dog Chelsea would love it! We only feed them good healthy foods and this would be wonderful for them! 

  53. Titan-3 and Lily-1. They love EVERYTHING! Treats, toys… socks, etc. lol

  54. My 17 yr. young chihuahua Peewee would love to win this nice selection!

  55. Danielle Porter says

    My doggie Samantha. She is 3 years old! She will probably like the salmon and apples snacks!

  56. My dog, Hunter, will receive this.  He is a rescue so we think he is about 4.5 years old.  He is a cocker spaniel.  I think he will like the cans of wet food the best because we don’t feed him wet food.

  57. Barbara Montag says

    Snotty 9 yrs and Lucy 7 yrs would love this!
    Especially the Soft Snacks in Salmon & Apples Recipe – thank you.l

  58. 2 chinese shar pais named onyx n kimora n they would love it all!

  59. judy gardner says

    gidget is 8 years old and would probably love all of it!

  60. Cindi Decker says

    Dolly, 8 year old Min Pin
    . China, 10 year old Boston Terrier, and Eve, year old Boston Terrier. They would like them all!

  61. Our adorable and awesome Atticus is almost two years old and would love this prize pack!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  62. I forgot to say I think he will like the crunchy fish and blueberry treats the best!  🙂

  63. Milton is a 6 month old Yorkshire Terrier and he would love all the different snacks.

  64. I’d give these to my best friend’s dog, Bailey! Not sure how old she is, but I’m sure she’d love all of the treats!

  65. Robin Wilson says

    My 4 year old miniature poodle Zuzu would love this.  I think she  would really love the chicken and cranberry treats.

  66. Fritz – 8 years old German Shepard 😉

  67. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I have 3 Boston Terriers, Rozy, Adrianne, Junebug.  Buster is a French Bulldog, and Stretch is a MinPin foster dog.  Thanks for the great giveaway.  My dogs would like the Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Salmon & Apples Recipe

  68. Shilo age 8 the joy in my life!! My baby would love the chicken and cranberry snacks. Oh what the heck he’d love it all. 

  69. Scruffy who is almost 7 and a pug/poodle mix!

  70. Pam Goodpaster says

    Cat…Tommy Girl Dog #1 Buster (15 year old Bichon) Dog#2 Pearl also 15 year old Bichon and Duke who we rescued 7 years old

  71. Stephanie F. says

    Neely the boxer is 3 and Tab the lab mix is 18 months.  They will love the wet food!

  72. Nicole Howell says

    My pit Muffin loves all natural dog food

  73. My two year old rottie mix Ellie cant wait to try the Lamb and rice dry dog food!

  74. Max age 8.

  75. My dog “Roxy” would love the Healthy Elements Beef & Rice Recipe Wet Dog Food she loves beef, and she is 4 yrs old. She is half greyhound/half chichwawa (not sure how to spell it)


  76. My 6 year old Beagle mix Roxy and my 2 year old American Bulldog mix Chino would love to try new kibble!

  77. Awesome giveaway! My three Chihuahuas Lila(2), Nutella(1) and Rocky(9) would love this prize pack(: 

  78. sandy weinstein says

    i have 3 girls, evie, tressa and harley. all min. schnauzers. all would love this prize package.

  79. Michelle Hudak says

    These would be for Sasha, age 9, and Bailey, age 4, and I’m sure they’d love the Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks in Lamb & Apple Recipe

  80. 4 y/o bear

  81. Chico and Diego are 4 and 6 years old! Chico is a Morkie and Diego is a Yorkie. They would love the soft snacks, because they are little piglets who LOVE treats!

  82. Emily is 2 years old She will love everything. She eats just about anything lol.

  83. Ellen Wexler says

    Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! We would love to try that food, what a prize package, wow! Thank you for the chance to win.

  84. My Starbuck (named after the modern-day Battlestar Galactica character, and NOT the coffee!) is always begging me to win her some stuff. She’s very excited about this prize! She will be four years old this coming Halloween!

  85. Ellen Wexler says

    Oops, Ruby is a rescue, 6 1/2 years, and not at all picky, bring on the treats!

  86. My dogs are Cheyenne (11+yo) and Shiloh (3yo). They’ll both love the treats. I may even let them try the canned food mixed in with their normal kibble- but I plan to donate the dry food to my local pet food pantry- they need it more than me =)

  87. Oscar loves all your treats! He is a former rescued dog and deserves the best!

  88. Brenda Gaines says

    Hercules is 1 yr old and he would like the chicken and cranberry crunchy snacks 🙂

  89. Stephanie Larison says

    I think she’ll like this: 1 Pack of Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Salmon & Apples Recipe. I have a 11 yr old beagle, named Belle.

  90. We have three dogs who would have to share this, Buddy (2), Reggie (3), lIL’ BITS (4).

  91. Day-Z is a 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier

  92. I’d be giving this prize to my best friend and her dog Oliver. I’m not sure how old he is

  93. The lucky dogs are Eleanor who is 1 1/2 and Mac who is 3.

  94. my dog is Bear, he is 7, and he will love the wet dog food, as it is a special treat for him.

  95. it will be for my dog Powder who would love this.

  96. my Lab Blaney is 10 and he has 4 lab neighbors friends he’ll be sharing this with if he wins, there names Crash 6, Kelo 8, Maggen 9, Tazzy 6

  97. I hope i did the pin right i use the pin on post button and I shared this giveaway on Facebook i don’t do Twitter i hope i get to enter this giveaway.

  98. Rebecca Miller says

    Would be going to Piper she is five months old, and my boyfriend has two dogs. We don’t mind sharing. But I think Piper would really like the Chicken and Cranberry treats.

  99. Freebies for Fido says

    Elmer age 4, CoCo age 2 and Rapunzel age 2 – all LOVE treats and wet food 😀

  100. rita leonard says

    cricket age 13 and jackson age 22 love all treats and food and at this age we indulge them a lot

  101. Since my dog is on a special diet, this will go to one of the rescues I volunteer with, I’m sure they will appreciate it. 

  102. I really hope I win. My dog Jonas would love me forever!!!

  103. George would love this 🙂

  104. Jill Myrick says

    Both my dogs Marley who is 2yrs. old and Colby who is a year old would love and enjoy this.


  105. Beaux, the 10-month old Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix would LOVE any of the treats!

  106. My baby is Junie age 5.

  107. Opps forgot to add that she will probably like the Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks in Chicken & Cranberry Recipe best.

  108. My 3 little Maltese’s Padma,bethany, and Snowflower would love the crunchy snacks in lamb & Apple, But in truth I think they would inhale all the different flavors:)

  109. Lynda Thomas says

    I’m entering this for my Aunt’s two dogs, they just got a new home and I think it would be cute to get the doggies a housewarming present. 😉 Their names are Grover and William. Thanks for the chance!

  110. Lynda Thomas says

    Oh, and I think they would love the Crunchy Snacks in Chicken & Cranberry Recipe! Thanks again! 

  111. Susan Smioth says

    My dog Daisy who is 6 and I think she will love the 1 Pack of Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Salmon & Apples Recipe

  112. My love, Rocky, would love this! The 50$ to Target would obviously be used to spoil him, too.

  113. Otto is 10, He would like the Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

  114. My sister’s dog, Lucky, who is 3 years old will get this prize, and I bet he’d like the Healthy Elements Lamb & Rice Recipe Wet Dog Food most of all.

  115. My dog’s name is Max! He is a 2 year old Lab/Golden Retriever! I think he would love any of the snacks, especially the ones with lamb!

  116. Sharon Gilbert says

    Schooner & Skipper.  They are both 3 years.  I would use the $50.00 to buy toys and Healthy Element snacks.

  117. My 6 year old Dobie mix pup is named Froggy. She shares my home with foster animals from our local shelter who hang out with us while they await transport to their forever families. I think they would all love the Healthy Elements Crunchy Snacks in Fish & Blueberry Recipe.

  118. Our dog, Remy is a Shih Tzu Poodle mix, 3 years old and would probably like the crunchy snacks the best.

  119. Sherry Conrad says

    We have 5 dogs – Lady, 13, rescue golden/chow, Dude, 10, rescue, ???, Baby, 11 shih-tzu, Max, 2, rescue ??? and Chloe, almost 1, another ??? and they would most likely like the Crunchy Snacks in Chicken & Cranberry Recipe.

  120. pixie who just turned 8 🙂 

  121. Kathryn Mcneal says

    Our dog Toby would be getting the wet food. I’m not all too sure on his age. He’s having all his teeth pulled out either today or sometime this week and he’s only gonna be able to eat wet food. Our pug baby Kira would love the treats she’s 6.

  122. Our girl is a 23 month-old golden retriever named Christmas and I think she’ll most like the Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Chicken & Carrots Recipe! Christmas loves carrots and we occasionally give her cooked chicken trimmings when cutting chicken breasts for grilling. Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  123. Piepie, 4, I think he’ll like the 1 Pack of Healthy Elements Soft Snacks in Chicken & Carrots Recipe

    rafflecopter: daniel

  124. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Id love the chicken and carrot soft snacks the most for my dog, Brigette whos 2

  125. beanie baby 12

    rusty 5 babe 5

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