Up To 80% OFF KONG Treats, Pet Head Shampoo for Dogs & More!

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sale on dog treats and shampoo

There are some really amazing deals and discounts over at MyFavoritePetShop.com including up to 80% off pet treats and shampoo with upcoming expiration dates.

For example, you can get a bag of KONG Premium Dog Treats for just $1.60 ($7.99 reg) with an expiration date of October 27, 2013. If your dog is anything like Daisy, these yummy snacks will be LONG GONE by then. You can go here to check out all the special “about to expire” products.

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  1. Carrie Petersen says

    Expiration dates are pretty arbitrary anyway. 🙂

    • Very true, Carrie! I don’t really worry about them except when it comes to pet meds…that’s really the only time to be concerned in my book!

  2. Carrie Petersen says

    I just loaded up! We’ll resell some at a rescue event and hopefully make a bucks. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Just curious, does anyone else get outrageous shipping rates from this site? I added three bags of treats to my cart- couldn’t have even weighed a pound. It said my shipping (to upstate NY) would be $11! Sorry, even with the great deal on the treats, I feel robbed- there is no way it should cost that much to ship that small a package from anywhere in the country. I’m just wondering if it’s some sort of glitch that’s giving me such high shipping, or are others getting it as well? (and am I out of line to be that outraged by it? I’ve never ordered from this site because every single time I put items in my cart, the shipping is beyond ridiculous).

    • Hi Kate! I’ve only ordered from them twice. One time was a free shipping promo and the other was with the regular $49+ free shipping they offer so I didn’t realize how much they charge for just a few items. I think it’s like with many sites, you have to know when it’s a good deal and take advantage of it…not every site has good shipping rates on single items. That’s why I also pay for Amazon Prime so I can have Free Shipping on any item I want any time. Glad to have your input…I know it will help other people be aware, too!

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