Get In My Belly! New Natural Balance Belly Bites Dog Treats

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Natural Balance Belly Bites dog treats

Daisy and I just got our paws on some brand new treats from Natural Balance. They’re called Belly Bites and they are so yummy that your dog will do just about anything to get them! It was pretty difficult to take photos while Daisy was going through her best begging routine but I managed to get a couple shots of her playing dead and doing a pretty intense “watch me” while waiting for her reward!

Belly Bites dog treatsBelly Bites come in 3 formulas: Chicken & Legume, Duck & Legume, Salmon & Legume. They are a semi-moist, grain-free dog treats, and are a nice size for treating…and easy to break into tiny pieces for training!

You can visit the Natural Balance website for more info!


  1. just wanted to say thank you for the link for the get in my belly! photo contest. I just love entering those.

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