7 Helpful Organizing Ideas for Homes & People with Pets

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Organizing ideas for homes with pets

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to “get organized” or beautify your home? You’ll want to check out these great ideas for some DIY inspiration. They’re all designed especially for homes with pets. Whether you’re planning a complete makeover or some simple improvements, every pet parent is sure to find something they’ll love!

dog entryway


Make Your Entryway Pet-friendly

Start with the entry way, foyer or hall. Wherever you go in and out with your pet makes the perfect place to store everything while keeping it handy. Use a bench with cubby holes to organize toys in wicker bins, keep shoes out of the way, and add some cute wall hooks for leashes and a towel to help wipe those muddy paws when you come in!

DIY pet armoire


Create a DIY Pet Armoire or Cabinet

This idea is great for small spaces or if you’re short on space. Re-purpose an old armoire, cabinet or entertainment unit by treating it to some colorful new paint! I love the idea of using chalkboard paint on the inside of the doors to help stay organized!

diy pet station in kitchen


Make a Pet-Friendly Work Station in Your Kitchen

If you’re SUPER tight on space, then consider making a multi-purpose work station in a corner or nook of the kitchen or other room you use frequently. In addition to storing the food bowls out of the way, you can make it a message center for the family and also use the spot to organize pet coupons, appointment reminders, sort the mail and more!

dog room


Create a Large Dog Space or Whole Room

If you’ve got multiple pets or one very large dog you might want to just go ahead and give them a designated large space or an entire room! It seems extravagant but if you’ve got the space, it can make it easier to keep the rest of your home organized and clean. It’s like having a man cave…except that it’s for your fur kid so you can skip the giant flat screen TV if you want!

dog grooming caddy

I HEART Organizing

Make Your Own Dog Grooming Caddy

Don’t have time, energy or funds to do a larger organizing project? Even small changes can help reduce the clutter and make it easier to find what you need when it’s time to wash or groom your pets. Keep everything in its place and readily available with a portable container to store and carry your pet grooming supplies. You’ll never waste time searching for those nail clippers again!

dog toy hammock


Get Everything Up Off The Floor with a Dog Toy Hammock

I really love this idea and it will help save you from tripping over the toys…a frequent occurrence if your dog has anywhere near as many toys as Daisy does! This space-saving toy hammock gets everything up off the floor and uses extra space that might otherwise be wasted. Works in the corner of any room and expands up to 6 feet.

pet document organizers

On Amazon here, here and here.

Organize Your Important Pet Documents & Health Records

If you can only do one thing, make it this one. It’s super important that you keep all of your pet’s proof of vaccinations, medical records, and other documents together and organized. Using a folder or ring binder will make it handy for your pet sitter, as well as for you in an emergency situation. Keeping accurate and organized health records for your pets will help you make sure that you keep up with all the scheduled preventative maintenance and can be used as a reference for other care givers or if you travel frequently with your fur kids. Also use it to store receipts and insurance forms to save stress & hassle when you need to file a claim. And don’t forget to list allergies, and important contact phone numbers!

Those are just a few pet organizing ideas to help get you started. Did you make a New Year’s resolution involving your pets & home? Leave us a comment telling us all about it and please share any other organizing tips you have for pet parents!


  1. This is great! There are so many creative ideas in this post! Just what my dog needs!

  2. Love that cabinet with the food bowls built right in. A great way to “hide” some of the pet stuff in your house.

  3.  I love the workspace it looks so nice and cozy for the dog and so organized for the humans. 

  4. That pet cabinet is just awesome! I have stuff for the dogs stashed all over the place and would love to put together something like that.

  5. Love that white bed/shelving thing. We have seen that somewhere before. Our stuff is pretty neat except for Bailie who has toys all over the place. We just leave them as we figure she will grow out of that phase in a few months.

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