How To Find Secret Amazon Gold Box Quick Picks Customized Just For You

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Shhhhh…I’ve got a secret discovery! At least it was a surprise to me when I noticed a new set of deals offered on Amazon. Pretty much every morning, I visit Amazon and click on the Today’s Deals tab and check out what’s being featured. It’s one of the ways I discover new pet deals, Amazon coupons and other fun sale products to share with you.

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Well, about 3 days ago I noticed something new: Gold Box Quick Picks! I don’t know if it’s really new, or if I just never noticed it before but it’s a special secret sale item or items, selected especially for you and discounted even more than usual. It’s only available to Amazon customers who have placed an order before. If you have a new account and haven’t bought anything, you won’t start to see your Quick Picks until about 3 days after your first order.

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Every day, your Quick Picks will feature a new set of items selected specifically for you, accompanied by an additional savings coupon.

How Quick Picks Work:

You must be signed in with your customer account to see the deals, and you may only purchase one Quick Pick item per day, so be sure to review the items carefully. You must click the “Add to Cart” button on the Gold Box page to be eligible for the Quick Picks coupon. After you add one of the items to your Cart, you have 60 minutes to complete the checkout process before the additional savings coupon expires. The coupon savings will display on the final order confirmation page under “Order Summary.” The coupon for the other items automatically expires after you’ve selected one to add to your Cart.

So try it for yourself and see what kind of offers you get! Just go to and sign in to your account. Then click Today’s Deals and SCROLL way down til you find your Quick Picks. Remember to check back daily to see what’s new! Just one more reason to LOVE shopping on Amazon.

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