You’re Going To Need a Bigger Suitcase, Ma!

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daisy suitcase

suitcase daisy

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  1. Take me too! They always know when you’re leaving, don’t they?

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  2. If you can manage to squeeze in, at least it has wheels!

  3. A cite little guy!

  4. Most definitely!

  5. Oh what a face! That’s enough to get me to miss my flight!

  6. Yep! So adorable- impossible to resist. XS Talent Hounds

  7. Don’t worry, Daisy. Your momma will give you extra snuggles! And maybe souvenirs!

  8. Pets learn pretty early the meaning of a suitcase being pulled from a closet. They are so clever.

  9. Mr. N also really likes hanging out in our suitcases but I think it’s because he likes sleeping on clothes. Although if he hid in there, we might not find him until security!

  10. Yeah mom! What on earth were you thinking?! Throw some Jones chews in there, while you’re at it! 😉

  11. Sure looks like it!

  12. My husband travels alot for his job and when he is packing to leave, our dogs will sit in the suitcase.  Not to go along but to stop him from packing and leaving.  Never works but they keep trying!  Gorgeous dog and picture.

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