No More Boring Meals Thanks to Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeder

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aikiou box

Daisy and I recently had the chance to test out the award-winning Aikiou (pronounced “IQ”) Interactive Dog Feeder from PetPPI. Not only is it super fun and challenging, but it’s also a great way to slow down your dog if they tend to eat to quickly or gulp their food. This can be a real concern for certain breeds and types of dogs, who are more prone to bloat, or who are following strict portion control for weight loss.

For Daisy, we like that it challenges her problem-solving skills and reduces her anxiety over being left alone because she’s having so much fun trying to get the kibble out that she hardly even notices when we leave! Plus, I always try to find new ways for her to “work” for her food. She gets fussy about not eating sometimes, and changing up the “delivery system” keeps her interested in her food without me having to encourage her to eat.

aikiou feeder

Daisy received the Dog Interactive Feeder, designed for medium and large dogs. Aikiou also makes a Dog Junior Slow Feeder for smaller dogs, and the Stimulo Interactive Cat Feeder. They come in a variety of cool colors and although each style is different, they all work basically the same way: hide food or treats in the various compartments and your cat or dog goes to work figuring out how to get it out. This unit holds up to 3.5 cups of food and is dishwasher safe. Whether you’re looking for new interactive toy to keep things interesting, or need help slowing down your pet’s eating habits, these feeders are a sure way to add some FUN to your fur kid’s mealtime!

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  1. We have a similar toy for Bailie but if it is not going fast enough, she picks it up, turns it upside down and shakes it until food falls out!

  2. What a great puzzle! Looks super entertaining and appropriately challenging 🙂

  3. I’m free fed because ehhh to kibble, but this looks like fun. Maybe mom could put treats in with the kibble…!

  4. My humans recently bought a couple of treat puzzles for me, and I love them. They never thought of interactive feeders as a way to slow down eating habits. Brilliant. Thanks for the review!

    • We have several kinds and rotate them to keep things interesting. We use them for both treats and for feeding time…especially for treats when I need to finish my work and Daisy won’t let me LOL!

  5. I’d choose the Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeder for our puppy, who we just adopted last week!

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