No Pre-Washing Required Thanks to Daisy! (Wordless Wednesday)

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dog dishwasher



wordless wednesday pet photos

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  1. Hey…I have that “dishwasher” too! Works great! Love the photos.

  2. Looks like someone is having a after dinner snack!

  3. A lot of us dogs have figured out that the dishwasher is just the right height! Love Dolly

  4. My Ernest does that to my plates too. When I finish eating yogurt from a container, he has to lick it clean. Silly dog

  5. Ahahaha! We are spared that, since our utility room is tiled and the greyhounds don’t do tiles.

    • That’s funny…are they afraid to walk on tile, or do you not permit them to? Daisy won’t lie down on any tiled surface. Even for treats. I think it’s because she associates it with the floors at the shelter where we found her but who knows!

  6. I LOVE IT!!! The prewash is so helpful!

  7. Theresa Spaid says

    My Kita girl used to clean my really hard to clean meatloaf pan. After she was done it was easy to wash! She passed a few months ago. I really miss her and her prewahing help.

  8. You mean there is another type of prewasher?! BOL  

  9. Haha, brilliant! My dog is a helpful prewasher too, along with floor cleaner, bin cleaner and vacuum! 🙂

  10. We try to handle the prewash at our house but Mom doesn’t seem to really appreciate it. Nice work.

  11. The doggie pre-wash is the best wash! Haha

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