Deep Thoughts Daisy-Style (Wordless Wednesday)

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daisy thinking about breakfast

deep thoughts about life

watching mom

wordless wednesday pet photos

Ever catch your fur kid in deep thoughts? If you had to guess, what do you think your dog thinks about most of the time??? Leave a comment to let us know, then Go HERE to check out more Wordless Wednesday photo posts from other great pet blogs!


  1. I’m guessing Daisy has TREATS on her mind!!! 

  2. Mama, are we going walking or what???

  3. She is so cute- I’m betting treats were on her mind in that first pic XS

  4. Oh Daisy, You make me smile!  Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Daisy looks very serious in that 2nd picture. A lack of treats is a very serious dilemma!

  6. Daisy, you look absolutely huggable in the last photo!

  7. Adorable pictures!  Her face is so expressive.  In the first one, Daisy looks like she has treats on the mind.  In the second, she looks like she is contenplating how to get said treats.  In the third one, she has decided that the “look” is the way to get them!    

  8. I can hear her thoughts in my head!

  9. the last photo is my absolute fave!

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