New Furniture is Here and Daisy Approves! #WordlessWednesday

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daisy's spot on the new furniture

Our new furniture finally arrived and Daisy wasted NO time claiming her spot, right in the middle!

daisy new furniture

We covered up the ottoman, since that was one of her favorite spots with our old set but she climbs all over the rest of it anyway!

daisy pillow

So we decided to cover some of it with a big blanket for Daisy…but she had other plans.

new sofa

Can you spot the dog in this photo? It’s the one I found on! Now we just need another blanket and some wall art and we’ll be all set!

Are your pets allowed on the furniture? Tell us all about it…we love reading your comments and could always use tips and advice from other pet parents!

wordless wednesday pet photos

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  1. Very nice, I’m sure you’ll all love cuddling up there!

    • I love it too, Emily! With our old furniture, Daisy always cuddled up with her daddy in his big chair but now that we have the sectional she can cuddle up with both of us at the same time…so nice!

  2. Haha she is like “MINE! ALL MINE!” I love my couches, too. Whenever someone sits, I come running for a snuggle.

    • Daisy loves to snuggle too, Chewy! She’s extra happy that we got a big sectional so she can sit with both mommy and daddy at the same time now!

  3. That’s a beautiful couch is it leather? We can’t believe you let the dogs on it and will be able to keep it clean. Yes, I am allowed on the couch but only on the blanket that covers it! Love Dolly

    • Thanks Dolly! It is leather and we are teaching her to only sit on the blanket. ┬áLuckily, she knows “off” and likes the blanket anyway since I’ve been hiding treats on it randomly and it’s cuddly, but it does make me nervous having something so nice!!!

      • Keep us updated on how well the leather couch does with having a dog on it. We would like to get one but was worried the dog would rip it.

        • We were a bit worried about that too, but several people with pets and leather furniture told us to go for it…so we’ll see!!!

  4. That set matches Daisy perfectly! ­čÖé We didn’t use to allow the dogs on the furniture because it was one of the only dog free zones the cats could snooze on. But then the cats started to like cuddling with the dogs, on the furniture, so, nothing is off-limits anymore!

  5. Nice couch, plenty of space for the dog! We are not allowed on the furniture. Bailie sleeps in bed with Mom, but that is it. Lately, Bailie is on a naughty streak and has been going on furniture and getting in trouble among other things, but she will figure it out as Katie and I never do that.

  6. Daisy is one lucky dog. Our pets are prohibited on any of the living set furniture. All of our furniture are made from Narra tree which is rare to find and it’s my father most priced jewels. He would go ballistic if one of our pets would scratch a single surface, even we were warned. Is your sofa scratch resistant? There’s a scratch and water resistant leather skin cushion sofa like that right?

    • It’s not scratch resistant leather but we’re trying to be careful about keeping blankets on it when we let Daisy on it. Hoping for the best LOL!

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