Bugsy’s Box Review + $10 OFF for Your Dog!

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Bugsy's Box review and discount

Daisy and I had the chance to try out the Bugsy’s Box mystery box for dogs, and we’re here to give you the scoop AND share a $10 OFF discount for your first order!

If you aren’t already familiar with the concept of mystery box subscriptions, it’s a super fun service that sends a monthly box of surprises for you to try. Mystery box subscriptions for people include monthly beauty boxes, healthy snack packs, jewelry and more. Bugsy’s Box is the same concept, but everything in it is for your dog!

opening a Bugsy's Mystery Box for dogs

The surprise element is what makes it super fun…but it’s also practical. You get the opportunity to try several pet products you might not otherwise have known about or thought to buy for your fur kid. You save time by not having to drive to the pet store, and you save money because you pay one set price each month (as low as $19/month) and get a generous assortment of exclusive and specialty items in each box.

Daisy's Bugsy's Box

Each Bugsy’s Box includes 5 to 7 items which are a variety of high quality, hand picked, well-reviewed dog treats, toys, care items, healthy supplements, accessories and more surprises such as coupons which are often included as a bonus.

How it works:

  1. Choose your dog’s size so they can customize the box for you
  2. Choose a monthly, 3-month or 6-month plan
  3. Enjoy watching how happy your dog is when your delivery arrives! (they ship around the 15th of each month)

A few things you’ll love knowing:

  • Sale of Bugsy’s Box helps support Rescue Groups
  • All treats & edibles are Made in USA
  • Price includes FREE Shipping to US and Canada

I won’t go into tons of detail on each specific item in the box we received, since it’s different every month and varies based on the size of your dog. I WILL tell you that we received 5 items and each one had an average retail value of around $10, so I’m estimating the retail value of last month’s Bugsy’s Box at $51. Pretty awesome considering the price for a Bugsy’s Box starts at $19/month depending on the plan you choose! And I was very impressed with the quality of the fun toy and tasty US Made treats she received. We also got an oral care spray for pets and I’m always happy to try anything that promotes healthy teeth and gums.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, be sure to use our special link here to get $10 OFF your first order (it will be applied automatically if you use the link)!

Or if you’re reading this on your mobile device, and don’t have time right now…you can just remember to visit BugsysBox.com anytime and use the promo code: DAISY to claim your $10 off discount and let them know that Daisy sent you!


  1. Mom and I are excited to see the bare bites in the box! They are local to us and my first favorite treats!  Daisy looks impatient to try everything out!

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